Food: recent favorites

I know that I haven’t post about food for A LONG TIME! I know that I might loose some readers, but honestly I haven’t focusing on food for quite a long time. Just give me kabocha and steamed corns and I will be a happy girl! πŸ™‚ Furthermore, my mom has been taking care of the cooking at this house, and I have lunch at work everyday (which is fantastic, you’ll see an example below). Bottom line: I haven’t been cooking much except for friends πŸ˜‰ BUT I do have some favorites to show you.

#1: Nespresso Citiz! I love love love this! It’s soooo stylish and it makes the best capucchino ever!!!


all you need to do is get a capsule and some milk


insert the capsule, press a button and it starts


meanwhile pour the cold milk into the milk foam maker and press the button


in 60 sec, the foam is ready




isn’t it just pretty??????


I absolutely love it!!!!

#2: yogurt parfait. Β 


For two weeks, I had this breakfast combo: layers of squash puree, fage 2% and assorted berries




#3: international cafeteria. Our cafeteria is the best, we have japanese food, chinese food, indian food, vegetarian food, vietnamese noodle bowls, soup & tarts, grill, sandwiches and a great salad bar. They change the menu everyday so I love just going there for lunch.

Last week I’ve been obsessed with this combo: 1 gigantic turkey meatball and two sides. This time I got spicy broiled squash and couscous chickpeas salad



and since I loved it so much, I had it again the following day, this time with grilled asparagus and baked acorn squash


Lastly I went for brunch with my dear friend Sarah on Sunday. And look we ordered:

guacamole and black bean omelet with salad and toasts



buckwheat pancakes


portbello grilled panini


and a cheese cake


it was way too much food for us but we enjoyed it a lot and talked a lot! πŸ™‚

I think I enjoy more and more eating with friends. Good food, good companion and good talk… what else can I ask?

Q: What have you been enjoying lately food wise?



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3 responses to “Food: recent favorites

  1. mmmm your eats look so good! i have been enjoying lots of roasted root veggies (celeriac, beets, parsnip & radish). hey…since you are my home fitness equipment workout guru…what kind of treadmill do you have? i’m looking to buy one and sell my schwinn stationary bike (i’ve grown tired of biking over the last couple years) and now that it’s getting cold, i’d like to return to some running again πŸ™‚

  2. Oh YUM! Guacamole and black beans with an egg omelet?! That’s my dream meal right there. Nothing beats that combination.
    One day I will buy an espresso machine. I used to have one but it finally broke and I have not yet splurged on another. Yours looks so stylish and…cute!

  3. What a classy cafeteria you have at work! I haven’t been focusing much on food lately, either. Neat capp machine!

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