Life: Star-less and wedding pics

Star went to Argentina for two weeks. I miss him soooooo much! For some reason I miss him more than ever! Without him here I lost interest on going out on weekends, even decorating the house is not as fun as when we do it together. Some people says that marriage kills a relationship, that living together is the hardest thing for a couple. I must say… it’s just the opposite. Although we’ve been together for 10 years already, the fact that we got officially married changed something between us. I think we both feel more committed to the relationship; we consider each other the most important person in this world; we can’t imagine a life without each other. Although I’m sad (so does Star) being apart this time, it made us appreciate even more the time we are together.

No one’s life is perfect. Sometimes being together involves sacrifices. But as long as we think being together as the most important thing, the choice is not hard to make.

If you’re with someone you love, love him even more! Tell him how you feel. Give him a big hug. Look at him and feel the warmness inside you.


I’ve been working “hard” processing 4 CDs of wedding pics. Here are some of my favorites.


8am preparing for the day



It was the most important day in my life and my best friend was there for me. What else can I ask for a friend? well… I think we’ve evolved to sisterhood over the last 15 years. I misssss herrrrrrrr!!!!!!!











I like this pic a lot! It shows my excitement and happiness at the same time! 🙂



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3 responses to “Life: Star-less and wedding pics

  1. I agree, living together (for Nick and I) has made our relationship even better! Yeah, we get sick of each other every now and then, but then we just take some time apart, but in mo way has our relationship suffered since moving in together (four years ago!).
    Just take this opportunity to do some things that you used to do on your own, and be independent. That’s really the key to a successful relationship, you still need your independence.

  2. Mara

    yo tb te extrano elich!!

  3. That first picture is my absolute favourite!! I hope Star’s trip is a quick one….

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