Life: wedding MV

It was just the happiest day of my life and watching this 9 min video allows me to re-live it over and over again, and with the same intensity each time.



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10 responses to “Life: wedding MV

  1. That was lovely!!! 🙂

    Like you, we hired a cinematographer and it was the best investment we made. Every time I watch the video I get choked up. I just love it so much:

  2. GOOSE BUMPS!!! Wow, this video was amazing. AMAZING!!! How wonderful that you can watch this whenever you want, at any time, and relive the best day of your lives. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. that was incredible! like a movie!

  4. Ah the awesomeness of technology. Such memories will stay forever!

  5. Absolutely beautiful, Coco!!

  6. THANK YOU for sharing this, Coco! Such a beautiful keepsake. I especially liked from 6 minutes onward. (((HUGS)))

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