Workout: home gym and new routine

I haven’t post about my workout routine for a while, although I post them here, I still want to write about it when I start something new.

As you know, I moved to a new house, therefore I had to say goodbye to my beloved gym. For the two weeks that I was gymless, I was feeling tired and less energetic, two weeks seemed eternity. I know.. I know, for those who take workout as an item in the to-do list, you can’t understand this feeling. I don’t workout just to keep fit, I mainly workout because it makes me feel positive and energetic. Without a gym that I can and want to go everyday, I needed something else. Well…. I build up a mini gym in our basement.


I got an elliptical (Sole E35) and a treadmill (Sole F80). They are both in high range price for home equipment but since we will use it everyday I think it’s a good investment.


You can see from this how many people in this house workout! 🙂 (Me, Star and Mom)



although it’s in the basement, we do get day light when working out! 🙂


other equipments: yoga mat and a set of 2-lb weight.


and my newest obsession: Trady Anderson Metamorphosis Method!!!!!!


from the website: In the newly released Metamorphosis by Tracy, you will transform your body, defy your genetics, and create the body that you never thought possible.  Prepare to be challenged throughout this 90-day program that includes 9 discs of transforming muscular structure work, designed for your specific body types,  a cardio component, and a dynamic eating plan. Experience this total transformation through your own Metamorphosis!

I’m not new to Tracy Anderson’s method, I tried and reviews her mat workout before and I really like it. I didn’t use it in a daily basis because I had access to a gym and also because I got bored to do the same 60 min workout every single day. But it does work! When I go on vacation, I would do the DVD 2-3 times a week and it keeps me pretty happy in term of how it shapes my body.

But now I wanted something that entertains me, challenges me and shorter because I like working out first thing in the morning and I can’t workout more than an hour if I don’t want to get to work too late. So I ordered this metamorphosis method. I have the omnicentric because I don’t have any part of the body that I specially dislike so I got the one that workout the whole body.

Let me tell you, it’s ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!!! I just finished the first 10-days set and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s workout. I would alternate between elliptical and treadmill for 30 min followed by her workout. The set comes with a cardio workout (30 min), I tried it once. It’s quite challenging because she keeps you jumping all the 30 min but I didn’t like it much because it does hurt the knees and also I think if you do it everyday you get bored pretty quickly.

Why I love it so much? Because:

  • It’s challenging! I consider myself hard core in the sense that I don’t get challenged easily by a new workout. But this one does challenges me, EVERY SINGLE TIME, specially the leg and glut part… everyday I barely finish it!
  • It’s efficient. In 30 min, you workout arms/shoulders, abs and legs/glut.
  • It works!!! Within days I noticed my body more toned, my arms/shoulders are more defined and my abs is pretty defined. Maybe I post a pic later, anyone interested?
  • It works toward the body type that I like. Lean, long and defined muscles. To me, Maggie Q has the most perfect body for a woman.
Last but not the least, for other members of the family and friends, we have a ping-pong table. Few nights a week Star and Mom would play.


Q1: What’s your ideal body type?

Q2: What’s your current workout routine?

I got



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4 responses to “Workout: home gym and new routine

  1. I love the workout room! Looks similar to ours, but we just have the elliptical, weights, and an ab ball. We are going to get cable in our workout room soon so I can watch Exercise TV (my non-elliptical workout of choice!). I love Jillian Michael’s workouts for the same reasons you listed above. They are efficient, and they work!

  2. oh wow you totally don’t need a gym membership with that set up! how long are the meta dvds? i only like to work out for 15-30mins tops!

  3. I usually hit the elliptical or treadmill on my lunch hour at work 4-5 days a week, but I *really* need to start doing strength, too!

  4. Thank you for the good weight loss. It if truth be told was once a leisure account it. Look complicated to far added agreeable from you! However, how could we keep up a correspondence?

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