Life & Girly: first dinner at the new house & outfits 3

Despite the little stress moment, I had a lot of fun hosting the first dinner at the new house!!! πŸ˜†

It was a relatively casual dinner for 2 of my friends and 3 of Star’s coworkers that helped on the moving.

This is our formal kitchen (we have another small one). As you can see, all the cabinets are white (love it!) and we have plenty of space. I promise, I will do a full tour of the house soon! πŸ™‚


wearing my favorite apron


We arrived home around 4pm from a massive shopping day, so I didn’t have time nor energy to make anything fancy and complicated, so I made the beef short ribs in red wine


appetizer were a salad (greens, goat cheese, apples and candied cashew) and roasted sausage


the view of our dinner room


the main dish. It doesn’t look so pretty but it’s delicious.


We had a lot of fun chatting and playing ping-pong at the basement-gym. Yep! We have a ping-pong table! πŸ˜€

I really really enjoy hosting dinners for my dear friends! And now that we have a big house, I can’t wait to do it more often!!!


Last week was my first week going to work from the new house, so I was trying different transportation methods, time and routes, therefore I didn’t spend much time putting up creative outfits.


Cardigan and skirt (Banana Republic)


Coat (China), blazer (Zara), pant (BR), bag (Kate Spade), sweater (BR)


shirt (BR), cardigan (China), pant (BR), bag (Tory burch)


I got a new bag!!!!! That’s another Kate Spade (love this brand, it has good quality and style bags that are affordable). It’s a simple, elegant and big bag. I picked it mainly because of the color! Loving the eclectic blue!!!


first pic from the dressing room. It’s not fully complete, so be patient to see the whole look. πŸ™‚ Coat, skirt and scarf (China), bag (Coach), boot (Nine West).

Hope everyone has a great week. My week started pretty well. I accomplished to buy a treadmill and an elliptical machine for our mini-gym with a $680 discount! YEY!!! I think I’ve became a good negotiator! hahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

Q: Do you workout at home or at the gym? how do you design your workout routine?



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7 responses to “Life & Girly: first dinner at the new house & outfits 3

  1. Annie

    i love your work outfits!!

  2. i love all your clothing from china..seriously! so adorable! wow 2 kitchens!! i love the white cabinets as well, it’s a great clean look πŸ™‚ i workout at home, i make my own equipment too! (sandbag & dip station out of pvc pipe) but it sounds like you got quite a deal on your equipment!

  3. Very cute outfits, and I love the blue purse! It’s such a beautiful shade of blue!

    Glad you had a fun dinner with friends!

  4. grace zhang

    i love ur kitchen!!!

  5. I LOVE your kitchen!!! Glad your dinner party went well. And your outfits always looks very put together and professional, Coco!!

  6. What a great kitchen! Aren’t dinner parties great?! Glad you enjoyed your first one in the new home.
    $650 discount sounds nice. We just have an elliptical, and then we run outside. I typically do an Exercise TV workout, then do the elliptical or run. Nick just lifts and does the elliptical. It works for us!

  7. em

    looks like you had a great time hosting your first dinner. jealous of all of your counter space!
    and i think you are probs the best dressed lady at work…so classy!
    i have not joined a gym yet; my apt complex doesn’t have a gym, but it would be so nice to mix up running with elliptical. i usually run 4-5 days a week and do lifting/yoga x 2.

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