Life & girly: we moved!!!


Long time no show eh? Because we moved to our new house!!!

Last friday we (me, Star and my mom) moved to the new house with only necessities and the next day, Star’s coworkers with 7 cars did the real move! šŸ˜†


just part of the stuffs we I had and we almost didn’t take any furniture


first thing first! Assemble my closet which was a bedroom! YES, you read it right, I made a bedroom my closet! šŸ˜€


Did you guess the color I picked? It’s purple-plum!


after many hours of hard work, we got it right! šŸ˜‰


Stay tune for the whole closet look!

We don’t have much furniture yet so I’ll delay the full house tour until then! šŸ™‚

Last week’s outfit



coat (China), sweater dress (China), boot (China) and GOLD COAST MARYANNE from Kate Spade. I am truly in love with it! It’s classic, chic, feminine and very practical. It has plenty of space.


coat (China), pants (Banana republic), sweater (BR), bag (Kate Spade)


sweater (China), black skirt (China), boot (China)


white shirt (China), cardigan (BR), pant (BR), scarf (CD, wedding gift).

Q: Which room do you spend more time in? And what’s your favorite spot of your home?



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6 responses to “Life & girly: we moved!!!

  1. I spend the most time in my living room but truthfully my favourite part of the casa are the bedrooms!

    But like you we’ll be moving soon although to a very pricey but small condo in Vancouver. We’re very excited!!!

  2. Mara

    que bueno Eli! te felicito!! ya estoy en Alemania, avisame cuando podemos hablar, besos grandes!

  3. LOVE the colour you chose! My friend that lives across the street turned a bedroom into a closet, too. Great idea if you have the space! All your outfits are fantastic, Coco!

  4. i love that purple so luxe! it’s one of my fave colors too! happy unpacking šŸ™‚ my fave room in the house is our living room. it’s very brightly decorated and lots of geometric patterns everywhere. i feel most inspired in there!

  5. Such a pretty shade of purple — can’t wait to see more house pics, Coco! A huge congrats to you and Star!!

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