Girly: outfits 2

Hello there~ How was your halloween? Mine was good! Running around furniture stores and online shopping left me sleepless over the weekend. I went to a Halloween party on Saturday night and I didn’t even have to wear a costume. My look was scary enough! 😉

I found an iphone app Photo Wall, a collage application which is really cool. I played with it for the outfit pics. Let me know if you like it this way or standard pic by pic!


coat (china), blouse (gap), skirt (banana republic), pump (Ann taylor), bag (Coach)


irregular blazer (china), pant (BR), blouse (china), scarf (Argentina)


all the outfit from China, Tory Burch 797 messenger bag, earring (Greece)


sweater (BR), black skirt (China), cardigan (forever 21), bracelet (BR), nail polish (OPI Vernis a ongles)


coat (China), pant (A&F), blouse (forever 21), bag (Coach), necklace and earring (China)


We’re redoing the utility room at the basement for a laundry-storage room.



can’t wait to post before and after pics of the house!!! 😆 This is soooo fun!!!

Q: If you have to paint your walk-in closet, what color would you pick? And guess what color did I pick?



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7 responses to “Girly: outfits 2

  1. Annie

    i love your outfits!

    my walkin closets would just be mirrors!

  2. I just love, love that you’re posting your outfits! You have such great style, Coco. Can’t wait to see picture’s of the house!!! 🙂

  3. em

    You must be the best dressed lady at work! 😉
    And can’t wait until the house is finished. Exciting!

  4. Such pretty pics, Coco! I really love your coat in the first photo!

  5. I actually had to hire a decorator to tell me what color to paint each room of our house, because I have not one ounce of decorative talent in me! I think I would paint the closet…white!

  6. Hi Coco!! I have miissssssssssssed you!!~ And I love the red and blue coat!! So simple, but cool lookin’. 😉

    And ommmmahhgooodness your house! Your house looks so pretty and crazy! Like, it’s from a movie or something. Hah! You should let people film in there for movies 😛 Oh btw, are you going to foodbuzz fest?

  7. grace zhang

    nice outfit!!

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