Life: revealing the BIG news

We bought a HOUSE! A VERY BIG ONE!!! 😆


did u guess it? I bet some of you did! 😀 Highlights:

  • We spent exactly one weekend to see houses and we offered! 
  • We saw in 13 houses and we bought the very FIRST one! It was meant to be. 🙂
  • It’s a big house: 3114  sqf, 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and walk-out basement, 5 min away driving from a metro station.
  • We ABSOLUTELY love it!

Now let me explain the process! Are u prepared for the long recap?  Here we go!

It happened exactly one month ago! We went out on Saturday 9/26 with our agent to see houses. 3 houses were on schedule that day. We were excited but not mentally prepared to find our dream house on our first day out. Usually people spend between 3-6 months to find something that they like and they can afford. As we approached the neighbor, Star and I were saying:” this neighbor is pretty cool, up-scale and it makes sense that the house is out of our budget.”  But we wanted to see it anyway just in case. When we arrived and saw the front of the house (pic above) we said: WOOO! This is a mansion!!! Of course I liked it immediately from its outside looking. As we entered the house, the high ceiling in the family room caught our eyes. It looked so bright and open. The kitchen is large with white cabinet. The master bedroom is huge with seating area in front of the windows. The master bathrooms is also huge and it comes with a yaccuzi. The basement is fully finished, with walk-out door and windows in all rooms. I was impressed!!! I was in love!!! It has everything I had in mind. But the price? mmmm…. let’s ignore it for a sec. Star was not as impressed as I was because 1) the house had no furniture and has no decoration. (come on man! Look beyond it! Look the big pic!!!) 2) he thought that the 3 bedrooms in the second floor were small due to the high ceiling, and that the appliances, tiles and bathrooms are not up-scaled. I didn’t try to argue with him at that point because it was the first house we saw and I had no reference at that point. We left the house, still impressed by what we I saw. We saw two more houses that day and 10 more the following day. By the end of the second day, I was pretty sure that I liked the first one the most, not just by comparison, but also because it has all the main features that we were looking for. Yes, it’s not perfect and it’s out of what we wanted to spend. But come on! Look at the big picture! I had a feeling that if we miss this one, we might not find another one that we I will like as much as this one. Convincing Star at that point was not a big deal… hehehe… by the second day, even the agent realized who has the last word ;); stretching the budget for 10% was an issue but after some mental calculation and call to the mortgage officer, we decided to do it.  So we went back to the house on Sunday night to see it once more. Yes, I definitely like it! I told agent that we liked it and we wanted to offer. The seller was already asking for a price that is much lower that his purchase price 6 years ago, so the room to cut down the price was not big. We offered just a little less than its asking price on Sunday night and gave 24 hrs for the seller to accept or decline. Few negotiations went on between agents. By the end of Monday, they accepted our offer!

Everything happened so quick and so smooth right? Quick it was (inspections and appraisal), but smooth was not.

Our mortgage officer called me two weeks later, after reviewing all the papers, and told me that we couldn’t used 1/2 of the money we wanted to put as down payment. Why? because they were sitting in my bank account for less than 3 month! WTF!!!!!!!!! It was our money and we couldn’t use it! And they couldn’t give us more money as mortgage!!!  Are we loosing our house because we couldn’t use our money????? That was a NO NO but it would be true if I don’t find a solution. What did I do? I switched to another mortgage company, actually the credit union of where I work. The loan officer was great! She was super efficient. I emailed her on Tuesday, sent her the application forms that same day, she met with me on Wednesday and proposed me the solution: get one home loan and one home equity loan (which we can pay down next month with the 1/2 unusable money)! By Thursday all the paper work was done. It was just two weeks away from the closing day and they still needed a week to process the loan. Can you imagine how I was during that week? Jumping around!!!! My mind was spinning like crazy and my nervous system was close to break down.

On 10/21, just 5 days before the closing day, the loans were approved.

We couldn’t be more relieved! By then, Star was also loving the house. He went to see the house 10 times more afterwards (it’s on the way to his work) and loved it more and more! 🙂 He thanked me for having good eyes and being determined to make the decision quick! 🙂 Honey, you’re welcome! I’m an experienced player on that! 😉

Yesterday we signed the settlement and got the keys, very expensive keys!!!

WE ARE SO HAPPY to finally have our own house, a big, bright, beautiful house!!!

Efficiency continues:

  • We found and decided on what renovations to do. Just a second kitchen (for chinese cooking) and a laundry-storage room at the utility room.
  • We found a painter and decided on which rooms to paint (master, living, dinning and office). Still working on the colors.
  • We decided on the mattresses and bed frames. (visited 5 furniture stores in one afternoon last weekend!)
  • Switched gas/water/electricity to our names; requested Verizon.

Still need to:

  • Buy furniture for bedrooms, living room, family room, dinning room, media room and office room.
  • Buy refrigerator, washer and dryer.
  • Buy new kitchen appliances! yupi!
To celebrate the occasion, we went to CitiZen last night again.


I was tired but so happy! 🙂



Q1: Any tips on furniture/appliances buying?

Q2: If you have a house/apt, how did you know that it was the one?



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13 responses to “Life: revealing the BIG news

  1. OMG! I love it! I can not wait until you post photos of the inside. CONGRATULATIONS to you and Star!!! (((HUGS)))

  2. Yaaayyyyy congratulations to you!!!!

    Since we’ve known for the last several years that we wanted to move to Vancouver, we didn’t buy a house in the Rockies. Some people questioned our decision but had we bought when we first arrived we would have lost a LOT of money!

    Now that we are actually moving to Vancouver we plan on buying but not until we get a feel for everything and especially my commute (I’m not going to work DT). In the lead up to that, we have met with a real estate agent and seen some places. One in particular we LOVED!!!! Had we known my work transfer had gone through we would have bought on the spot.

    How did we know it could be the one? Buying in Vancouver is as expensive as buying in Manhattan or Paris – so what we were looking at were small condos in fantastic locations. A lot of condos, unfortunately, had terrible floor plans – lots of wasted space. This one was the opposite – amazing floor plan, high end finishes, tall ceilings, fantastic views, kitchen to die for. The downside was that the bedroom was itty bitty but it was a fair trade-off. Oh and it was located one block from the Sea Wall (read the Ocean), and the views of the North Shore Mountains.

    Unfortunately, now the condo is gone but we’ll find another one! 🙂

  3. Yay!!! That is fantastic news and I am so happy for you and Star, Coco!! The house is absolutely gorgeous from the outside — hope we get to see some inside pics! 😉

  4. congrats! that’s awesome!

  5. Wei Jun


  6. OH MY GOSH!!! can i move into one of your closets? haha 😉

    xoxo ❤

  7. It’s great!! CONGRATS!! Oh wow, I’m getting flashbacks of moving into our new home over a year ago. It was such an exciting time!! It’s stressful having a home, but also a lot of fun, so make sure you stay positive and try to enjoy the process. I’m so excited for you and Star!!
    One website I really like is They have great things for pretty cheap. they accept returns really easily too.

  8. Yayyy you got it! That’s so ridiculous about not being able to use your own money. Great that it worked out though 🙂 I cannot wait to see it!! CONGRATULATIONS!

  9. wow coco! it is HUGE!!! (twss). 😉 haha. i have owned 1 home and it was only 1000sq ft!!! im back to renting our townhouse, we didn’t want the responsibility of a home just yet 🙂 you must be so proud and happy! i love decorating!! enjoy every moment! 🙂

  10. Annie

    yay congrats coco!

  11. Congratulations!!!! The house is beautiful! Buying a house can be so stressful, but it’s such an exciting time!!!!!

  12. DiningAndDishing

    Congratulations! It will be so nice to have a place to really settle into married life :). The house is just beautiful!!!

    – Beth @

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