Girly: outfits 1

Outfits of last week. Only forgot to take pic one day. Need to get used to it! πŸ˜‰


#1: Banana Republic sweater in blue, gray pants (old), black jacket (old)


#2: H&M lace shirt, black skirt (old), black jacket (old) and pearl necklace


#3 favorite outfit of the week: white/pink shirt, Banana Republic black skirt, French Connection Brits Glitz Jacket, gray stocking, Tod’s shoes and Tory Burch 797 Messenger BagΒ 


I love this bag!!!


new nail polish


Sephora Magnetic Polish. Try it! It’s fun and amazing!


matching earring to the shirt


today’s outfit. Colorful eh? Β Banana Republic tee (old), BR sweater (old), skinny black jean (from China), coral coat (from China) and Nine West Mariola. I love the new boat, it’s soooo comfortable!


This past three days were hectic! I’m really tired now. Β Let me recap:

Friday: errands during the day, a surprise party of a very good friend of us at night until 1am!

Saturday: picnic organized by chinese employees of my organization, errand, party at friends’ until midnight.

Sunday: 9 am appointment, brunch at friends’, more errands, exhausted!!!

I got few pics of today’s brunch


the girl who hosted the brunch is from Mexico so she made mexican food for us


black bean puree, chicken picadillo


chopped lettuce, green chili sauce and goat cheese


I brought two chinese appetizers: octopus ball and chicken & rice pockets


and we had desserts too! πŸ™‚

All the errands and social events left us exhausted but at the same time, really happy!!! πŸ˜€ You’ll know why soon!

Q: Which meal do you like to host to your friends? I think I really like the idea of brunches. It’s relatively easier to prepare, everyone is relaxed and there’s no time constraint. It could be 2 hours or the whole afternoon! I’m going to host one soon.



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6 responses to “Girly: outfits 1

  1. Annie

    oh i love your outfits coco!

    i’d probably do a 5 course dinner! it would be a lot of work but i’d feel really accomplished!

  2. I actually enjoy hosting dinners, as long as they are willing to bring something! I have so many meals that I still want to try out, from cookbooks, so that gives me an opportunity to try some new recipes!

  3. I love your hair in #3! All the outfits are beautiful…you’re such a classy dresser, Coco! I bet Sarah would LOVE that nail polish. I like to host dinner, but I’ve been thinking about doing a Christmas brunch this year…

  4. Such cute outfits, Coco, you are so stylish! LOVE that gorgeous bag!

    Mmm, brunch looks wonderful!

  5. em

    looks like you are super stylish and professional at work!
    i’m kind the indie slash hippy dresser with dresses, opaque tights, sweaters, belts, and skinny colored pants. but i think it’s so important to be comfy and stylish in your own way! πŸ™‚

  6. wow that brunch looks amazing. its my favorite meal!!

    and i am SO getting that sephora nail polish. super cool!

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