Weekend: eat and sleep

This past weekend was a low-key one. We didn’t run around the city like we did the last two, which left us more exhausted than weekdays. It allowed me to do I whatever my body feels like and it was a great reunion with it. 🙂

Saturday: we had plan for a BBQ with Star’s coworkers, but I was feeling weak and sleepy so I stayed home. I slept and slept, almost all day long. When Star came home… I woke up 🙂 And then, I ate and I ate until I fall into sleep again, for 11 hrs :shock:! Wooooo….. some serious sleep catch up happened again! I blame the carb-loading at night! (1/2 loaf of the new bread).

Sunday: not surprisingly I woke up bloated. Carbs? I love you for making me sleep better and I hate you to bloat me so much! I skipped the breakfast, went to do mani/pedi!


Fall color!!!


and then we met with Sarah and Bami at Kramerbooks for brunch.


complementary muffins and biscuits


Star tried THE BARACK OBAMLET made with 3-egg omelet filled w/our Obama Family Chili topped w/cheddar cheese served w/sour cream, diced red pepper & scallions, Café potatoes & fresh fruit


Sarah BANANA FRENCH TOAST pan-fried Italian bread soaked in egg batter stuffed w/sliced banana w/scrambled eggs & hickory bacon warmed walnut syrup; fruit compote and TURKEY SAUSAGE LINK


Bami had CAFÉ STEAK & EGGS  French cut hanger steak, seared & sliced – served rare finished w/mushroom marmalade served w/two eggs; potatoes; fruit


and I had CAFÉ FRITTATA fresh broccoli, sweet peppers, scallions, mushrooms & fresh basil; topped w/freshly grated parmesan in a pan omelet w/three eggs; Café potatoes & fruit.

I didn’t care much about the food because I was having so much fun chatting with Sarah and Bami. They’re our favorite couple friend here in DC. They’re so fun to be with. 😆 Bami and Star are so much alike, Sarah and I enjoy teasing them so much!!!

Sarah and I became great friends after our Tanzania trip. We worked one building away, there’s even underground tunnel that connect the two buildings. Whenever any of us feels like a coffee and some chat, we’d txt each other and meet in <5 min! 😀

After we said bye to them, we went to do groceries and Staples. I have a fun project to do today! 🙂

For dinner, I prepared 3 dishes

pork sauteed with cauliflower in a spicy sauce


sauteed chinese greens with green chili


and my favorite soup made with winter melon, tomatoes and bamboo. I love it soooo much!!!


Q: What are you up for today? Star has to work and I have a free day. I plan to do the mini project, gym, reading and maybe a visit to H&M. we’ll see. 🙂

Q: Do you like brunch? What’s your favorite?

Don’t forget to enter the giveway to win some bread.



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6 responses to “Weekend: eat and sleep

  1. Glad you had such a nice, relaxing weekend! Your body really needed sleep!!!

    I love your pretty fall-colored nails!

    Enjoy your day today!

  2. i love your nail varnish color! it is perfect for fall! i’m at work today boo! my weekend was pretty low key as well but i’m still tired now haha. my fave part of brunch is usually a savory dish eggs and roasted potatoes. or eggs + greens.

  3. Okay, yum on the food pics. But I love the fall color on the mani/pedi. I too went this weekend to get it done, but opted for a burnt orange to celebrate the season. 😉

  4. i LOVEEE brunch! everything looks so delicious!

  5. I love how you say you “reunited with your body”. Just awesome! The nail polish colour you choose is perfect for fall and as always, I love your Chinese cooking!

  6. DiningAndDishing

    I LOVE Kramerbooks brunch! They do a great job with comforting brunch dishes and I love the complimentary bread to begin – such unique varieties! Glad you had a nice day :).

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

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