Travel: Kilimanjaro day 6

After two long days, we slept like rock for 10 hrs! This is how we look the day after! Tired, exhausted but at the same time feeling happy and accomplished.


After breakfast, we waited for porters to pack everything. The guy in the middle is the porter who took care of my duffel bag and my sleeping bag&mattress.


Each of us took pic with our porters. Gabi (left), Charger boy (middle) and me. They are our daily porters who walk with us and carry our daily backpacks.


My dear Charger Boy, thank you for taking care of me SO WELL!!!

Our guides, Adam, Patrick and Mussa. You guys are the BEST!!! No words can describe how much I like these people. Seriously… they are really kind and good people!!!


As usual, porters started the journey ahead of us carrying all the luggage/equipment on their head and neck.


These are kilimanjaro trees. They look funny, aren’t they?


Some scenery pic of our descend




After passing a long rocky path and some breaks due to knee issues, we entered the forest zone.


We saw blue monkeys!


We had lunch at Mandara Hut. Rice pilau, cucumber salad and been stew were on the menu.



They were delicious!!!! I had two full plates of them and still wanting more! πŸ˜‰

Do you know how the kitchen look like? As you may imagine, I was intrigued to see the kitchen but I didn’t do it until the last day. Why? Because I was afraid that the sanitary condition would scare me and would shut down my appetite. But when I saw the condition on that last kitchen, I regret of not having checked it earlier. 😦

On the last day they used the hut instead of their usual kitchen in the tent. The kitchen in the hut didn’t have light and they had to prepare all the food with a headlamp! 😯


here’s the chef: Mr. Mangi Mangi, the most talented chef!!!


I was impressed by how bad the working/cooking condition they were under and still managed to prepare clean and delicious food! None of us got upset belly. In fact, all of us enjoyed the food A LOT! If it was not because of the physical activity we were doing, I bet we would have gain 5 lbs each! πŸ˜†

After lunch, Patrick suggested that we take the short cut by requesting an emergency bus to take us down the mountain. It would save us 3 hrs!!! And we were more than happy to think about an excuse to report to the national park.

And it was a real emergency bus, a small one though. However, we still manage to squeeze 13 people in there! Look how tight it was!!!


We were laughing all the way down to the mountain. I’m sure the driver realized that none of us had any real emergency other than being lazy and tired. πŸ™‚


Then we got a surprise party organized by Pristine with all the crew. They were singing and dancing, so happy everyone!!!


Mr. Mangi Mangi shaking the champagne πŸ˜‰ Did I mention that he’s a great dancer too?


and then we tip each of the porter/guide/cook. We tip them very well. They were surprised by the amount and they came to thank each of them saying: “God bless you!” It was a very emotional moment. All of us feel soooo happy to have done this. Robert, I bet with tears behind his sun glasses, emotionally said:” We did good!” You’re right Robert! We did good and I wish we could do more to thank and help them. These people are AMAZING and they really deserve a better life!


Finally, the most desired certificate!!! Each of us got two certificates saying that we reached the Uhuru peak, one from the National Park of Kilimanjaro and one from Pristine.


After we said goodbye to Pristine people. We took a bus to take us to Moshi to have the well deserved shower.

On the bus, there was silence. I think partly because we were tired but the main reason was that we were sad to finish this journey, to say goodbye to the Pristine people. I was really sad. I felt so attached to them in a matter of six days. You can imagine how much good they did to me. For me, the most memorable part of the kilimanjaro trip is not getting to the top but the human part of the trip: to meet Sarah and Martine’s family, we had so much fun together and we became a family on the mountain; to meet Pristine people and realized that I could feel so close, so wanting to be with them and help them in such short time! It’s an incredible feeling that I’ve never experienced before. It’s what makes the experience life changing.

After proper shower at the hotel, we had dinner and we laughed about the many anedoctes on the mountain.


The next day, Edward, the manager of Pristine Trails and Adam came to say goodbye to us. It was hard to recognize Adam off the mountain with normal cloth. πŸ˜‰


The next 3 days were spent in Zanzibar. To be continued….



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4 responses to “Travel: Kilimanjaro day 6

  1. how many days was it until you could get a proper shower? i would have been dying! those trees do look really strange! i would have been afraid to see the kitchen as well!

    • balancejoyanddelicias

      we didn’t shower for six days. it really wasn’t that bad because it was cold and also the enthusiasm of going up took all our attention. you would just accept the “new cleanness” level! πŸ™‚

  2. Coco, I just feel so privileged to be joining you in this journey!!! It’s so incredible to have such adventures many others can only dream of having.

  3. I have enjoyed these posts SO much! I’m sad that they’re over. What an adventure you had this summer!

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