Travel: Kilimanjaro day 3

Day 3 started cold! We were at 3650m and evening has became really cold. I started using the summit liner in my sleeping bag with 2 layers on. High altitude symptom kicked in. No running is possible, even fast/big steps tires you. Getting dressed up in the morning, tie the shoelaces became a big task. But we were all fine. With the help of Diamox and Coca tea (thanks Robert!), all 8 of us were in perfect condition. No diarrhea, no vomits, no severe headache and no loss of appetite (thanks Mr. Mangi Mangi).


We enjoyed more and more meal times because we got to know each other better and we enjoy more each others companion. The three guides eat and walk with us, we all became a family having the greatest vacation!



Each morning before we depart, we give waterman our water bottles and they will fill them with purified water.


You can see that as we progress, our smiles started to show sign of tiredness 😉


This is how porters carry things, either on their head or on their neck.


On day 3 we started to enter the rock zone, vegetation became shorter


some parts are quite steep


some unusual flowers


we stop several times to drink water and have snacks



And they also take some rest.


I remember the last 2 hrs we were all exhausted. We wanted to ask our guide how much more we had to hike but we were afraid that the answer is too discouraging. Paces became slower and slower. It was almost literally one foot after the other!

We finally arrived our third Camp: the Mawenzi Tarn Hut (4330m)

It’s beside a lake.


Look Robert, 64 yrs old, how happy he was reaching the camp.


Everyday when we reach to a camp, we need to register so the National Park can know if someone is missing.


Soon after we arrived the camp, it was night time.


Distance: 5 kms

Hours: 6

Altitude: up 680 m

Dinner that night was Tanzanian food and it was fantastic!


Ugali with sauteed chinese vegetables (It’s called that way in Tanzania)


Guacamole salad


my favorite dish: a stew made with yam, green beans, banana and spices. I NEED to get the recipe for this one.


The man in green robe is Mr. Mangi Mangi. He came to made sure that we all enjoyed the food.


That day I developed “blindness”. My eyes were so irritated that I couldn’t open them. I even skipped the acclimatization hike.


but I was still smiling 😉


To be continued….



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4 responses to “Travel: Kilimanjaro day 3

  1. grace zhang

    great ! i enjoy reading all of them!!

  2. Guacamole salad?! Who knew you could have a gourmet meal at the top of (or on the way to the top of…) Kilimanjaro!

  3. What an exhausting yet amazing experience!!! The food sounds unbelievable!!!

    You are such a trooper for making it to the top despite your eyes!!!

  4. Soooo cute you are 🙂 that stew looks gorgeous! Sweet and savory…and I love the presentation of the guacamole salad.

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