Travel: Beijing with Mara and Gunther III

On the third day we went to the great wall. First we stopped by 八达岭 (tomb of imperators)

It was a great day, sunny, blue sky (rare in Beijing) and hot!


we went on a tour… and I was listening to the tour guide with her hard-to-understand english.



and then we arrived the great wall. We took a cable car first


we arrived and was shocked by how many people wanted to climb the great wall at 12PM with almost 100F! 😯 Well… the view is quite amazing!



look how steep it is, I had to hold to avoid slipping down



hard to find Star in this crowd


oh… there he is!


on the way back. Our men had some rest! They’re soooo cute in that pose! 😉



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8 responses to “Travel: Beijing with Mara and Gunther III

  1. Glad you get to travel with your best friend!

  2. i am loving seeing your travels with your friends! what a cute sleeping photo haha 🙂 wish i could be there to see those sights!!

  3. Traveling with good friends. Nothing beats it! And candid photos of people sleeping…even better 🙂

  4. Weighting For 50@weightingfor50

    LOVE the travel shots. And LOVE the snoozing men on the bus!!! So fun!!! Travel safely!!!!

  5. Such gorgeous pictures, Coco…I’ve always wanted to visit the Great Wall! Lol, love that adorable picture!

  6. HAHAHAH that’s definitely a kodak and romantic moment! Let ’em have their privacy 😛

    Wowww that is one awesome place and picture! I love how all the people are scurrying down and up the wall~I hope I can be there someday 😉

  7. I never realized how busy the wall can get! I had always just imagined a few people crossing paths but it’s packed with people! Amazing nonetheless tho- and it does take for extra fun photos…especially seeing the sea of bright colored sun-unbrellas 🙂

    You look adorable xoxo ❤

  8. looks like you’re having a great time traveling! i’d love to see beijing sometime. 🙂

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