Travel: Brisbane & Gold Coast

The last two days of our trip to Australia was to visit Brisbane and Gold Coast.

Our flight arrived at Brisbane and we did a mini city tour. Brisbane is the capital and most populous city in the Australian state of Queensland and the third most populous city in Australia.



This is the only construction that was preserved from the World Exhibition in 1988. It’s from Nepal. A wood construction.


look the engravings


eh…… 😯


the kangaroo point, located on a peninsula formed of harder rhyolite rock which the Brisbane River flows around.  The landscape of Kangaroo Point is predominantly high rise apartments towards the tip of the peninsula while the other end is predominantly low-medium density apartments and houses.


an hour away from Brisbane is the Gold Coast. The Gold Coast is a coastal city located in South East Queensland. With a population approximately 540,000 in 2010, it is the second most populous city in the state, the sixth most populous city in the country, and also the most populous non-capital city in Australia. The Gold Coast is known as a major tourist destination with its sunny subtropical climate, surfing beaches, canal and waterway systems, its high-risedominated skyline, nightlife, and rainforest hinterland.

It has the longest coast line in the world: 74 km!!!! and it is sooooo beautiful!



I couldn’t stop taking pictures of this breathtaking and peaceful place!



the next day we went to see the famous Koala!!! Do you know that they sleep 22 hours per day????



and I hold it and took pictures with it!


it’s soooooo cute, like a lazy fat baby!!! 😆




more sleeping


before the sunset we arrived at the downtown of the Gold Coast city. There are many shops, bars and restaurant in the area.



love the sunset!


That is, our 8 days 6 nights trip. Although Australia is a developed country, just like the USA, I found it slightly different. The people look and act different. The culture is different. According to our guides, Australians are lazy, just like the sleepy Koala. They also act like Kangaroo, in the sense that they can only jump forward, never backward! How interesting! 🙂

My favorites places in this trip is Cairns for its Great Barrier Reefs, and Gold Coast for its most beautiful coast line! 🙂


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12 responses to “Travel: Brisbane & Gold Coast

  1. Oh my goodness–the koalas are SO precious! Gorgeous pics.

  2. You got to hold a koala!?! haha, it does look like a lazy fat baby. That’s too funny. I love koalas, and I had no idea they slept so much (I’m jealous!).

    The pictures are just amazing. I hear the Australia beaches are the best in the world. And as for the wood engravings…yikes, close your children’s eyes!! Too funny.

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous, Coco — I love that stormy sky! And the beach pictures are so relaxing. I love how you got to hold a koala, how cute!

  4. i need to go to australia too!

    have fun with your mama!

  5. Koalas are SO cute! I’ve seen them at the Toronto Zoo, but never held one. Looks like you and your Mom had a wonderful Australian trip!

  6. koala!!!!!! you look so cute with it hugging you! gah the trip looks absolutely fantastic. a trip of a lifetime!

  7. Weighting For 50

    Wow!!!! SUCH amazing photos. So envious you held a koala, and I have to admit, the dirty carvings are well, dirty. And the picture made me snicker! (I’m childish!) Safe travels, thanks again for sharing these amazing photos of Australia. REALLY makes me want to get there one day.

  8. Dahhhhhhhhhh I loooove the koalas!! I’ve never ever met one, but it’s the first animal I’d love to meet someday~my fave 😀
    And I’m loving the coast photos! sooo beautiful~Coco, hope you stay safe and sound <333

  9. I’ve never been to Australia, total bucket list place. Lovely photos.

  10. im going to try to ignore the engravings right now haha. i just about died when i saw those pictures of you and the koala- omg cuteness!!! you need to adopt one, me thinks hehe ❤

  11. Oh dear….this post is rated R!! Lol. I think it would be really awkward if I was looking at those with my parents…

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