Food: Mom’s birthday celebration

Last Saturday was Mom’s 61 birthday and we had a great lunch with our closest families.


Since it’s quite hot lately, I ordered 11 cold dishes.

sliced green beans with mushrooms


glazed short pork ribs


chicken with sesame sauce


eggplant salad


mushrooms and meat in sticks


mung bean noodles a la Sichuan


sour and spicy mung bean noodles


spicy black fungus salad (one of my favorites)


raped greens with a peanut butter sauce (another favorite!)


cucumber with oyster sauce


lotus root filled with glutinous rice


Hot dishes:

spicy sauteed cabbage


fish fillet in a extra spicy sauce


griddle bullfrog with chips


eggplant stew


lettuce in oyster sauce


gluten balls with pok choy


sliced pork in red sauce served with buns


fish head with chili sauce


fermented rice with glutinous rice balls


glutinous rice ball made with purple sweet potato


a traditional chinese pie made with mainly flour and sesame seed



corn bake


my mom looks younger than her age, isn’t she?


After lunch I took my sister-in-law for a coffee. Look how sweet she is! šŸ™‚


It was the first time we talk face by face, alone, for 2.5 hrs! She’s about the graduate and has to start looking for job. She’s also in the age of dating. Star and his family are worried about her and don’t know what else they can do to help her. So I offered to talk to her. Maybe I can give her some advices! šŸ™‚ It turned out to be a really pleasant conversation for both of us. I’ve always liked her but this time I got to know her more and better, and my intuition was like, she’s a good girl and I like her! šŸ™‚ She also found our conversation to be pleasant and useful. I gave her tips for job interview and weight loss. Anyone interested on those too?

Q: Do you have sister/s-in-law? What’s your relationship with her/them?



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6 responses to “Food: Mom’s birthday celebration

  1. Your mom looks so good, Coco!!!! I would have NEVER guessed her age!!!! šŸ™‚

  2. Happy b-day to your (very young!!) mom!! She does look great.
    The food sounds wonderful, as always. Bullfrog, lots of “gluten” and fish heads….what not to love?!
    I have a good relationship with Nick’s sisters, but we are so different it’s hard to really bond sometimes. They are also older and one already has kids! I’m happy to hear your relationship with Star’s sister is a good one. Making new friends in the family is always nice.

  3. Annie

    everything looks great!

    happy birthday to your mom!

  4. Hi Coco! which restaurant is this? i’m quite familiar with the city and I would love to know. I really enjoy sichuan/spicy chinese food, but I find that most restaurants incorporate too much MSG. :S. Thanks!

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous feast this is, Coco (the traditional Chinese pie looks really tasty)! A huge happy birthday to your mom!!

  6. Your Mom is beautiful! And I love how all the food dishes are set out in a ring on the centre of the table. šŸ™‚ Glad you were able to catch up with your SIL. Mine lives a few hours away, but I think she’s awesome!

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