I’ve been selected to to participate in the 100% Natural Lipton Iced Tea Blogger Program.

The package came last week


6 bottles of their new iced teas


that come in a very nice wood box



Info about  100% Natural Lipton Iced Tea: they are all-natural with no preservatives, no artificial colors and flavors. 


  • Iced Tea with Blueberry Pomegranate
  • Green Tea with Passionfruit Mango
  • Iced Tea with Lemon
  • Green Tea with Citrus
  • Diet Green Tea with Watermelon
  • Diet Green Tea with Citrus
Nutritional information: 50-70 calories per serving depending on the flavor. And 0 calories and 0 grams of sugar for the Diet ones.

I tried them all and I like the one with watermelon the most although it’s not very strong in watermelon. They are very very light in tea, I almost can’t taste tea in them at all. Chinese brands of iced tea have much stronger tea taste. I think they are a good option if you like something with flavor (for example, my mom never drinks water, she always need the liquid to have flavor), these are good because they’re not so sweet as other brands I’ve tried. Although I’m advocate of not drinking/eating added sugar even thought it’s natural, the fact that they don’t contain artificial flavor and colors is definitely a plus. 



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  1. Love the milk-crate type box–adorable!

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