Food: crab madness and 10-course chinese dinner

Yesterday a friend of Star invited us to eat Maryland’s famous blue crab at an old fashion crab restaurant in VA, Captain Pell’s crab house. I’ve never seen people eating crabs as a meal before, it was quite an open eye experience. We were 5 and we ordered two dozens of steam crabs.


set of utensils for each of us


we also ordered steam jumbo shrimp with spicy sauce


the crab meat is really tasty, slightly sweet and great texture. I don’t usually eat crabs because I’m lazy, but yesterday I really enjoyed the experience.



I ended up eating 2 crabs and 1/2 plate of the shrimp. My dad had 4, mom had 3 and Star had 6!!! 😯


look all the crab shells… what a mess 😉


After lunch we headed home and started the preparation for the dinner. We invited Star’s boss and his brother-in-law for a chinese dinner at home. I prepared a 9-course meal for 6!

cucumber salad


spicy black fungus salad


spicy red sauced fresh rock fish (fresh means the fish was live when we bought it)


spicy tofu and mushroom pot


bitter melon sauteed with egg


chinese yam and pork soup


red sauced pork


spicy minced pork sauteed with green beans


chinese style green onion pancake


and Sichuan poached sliced fish in hot chili oil, the pot in the middle of the table


It was a 4-hours work but everyone enjoyed the meal so it worth it! 🙂

I haven’t done any girly post for a while…. I have a new skin routine that I want to share with you. I was wondering if you’d like to see a post or a video about it? Let me know 🙂



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9 responses to “Food: crab madness and 10-course chinese dinner

  1. thedelicateplace

    wow that is quite a feast!!! i love seafood so much esp in the summer. cold shrimp are a staple with lemon squeezed over the top. i love grilled seafood as well!

  2. I’d love to see a video of your routine!! I listen better than I read, well, sometimes…

    I love the picture of all the crab and shrimp shells all over the table. My goodness that’s a LOT of food!! I would have been in heaven. Those are two of my favorite foods, for sure. I may have been up there with Star and his 6 crabs 🙂

  3. I could go for a little crab madness myself…I’m totally craving crab now, Coco! Your Chinese feast looks pretty fantastic too.

    I’d love to see your skin routine video!

  4. What an amazing spread! You always put on suc a great feast for your freinds, Coco. The Chinese pancake looks so flavourful!

  5. I meant “such” 😉

  6. I could eat crabs all day long! So good!

    I would definitely like to see your skin care routine. Video or regular post 🙂

  7. star had 6 and he’s still skinny?! some guys have all the luck!

  8. DiningAndDishing

    cracking crabs is definitely a must while living in the area! i did it once last summer but never again – my hands smelled like crabs for day! ick.

    – Beth @

  9. Weighting For 50

    What an amazing feast!!! Thanks for sharing all the photos. Have a wonderful day!

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