Thought: How much influence do others have on you?

I meant to write this post for weeks because it was a realization to me.

If I ask this question to me 10 years ago, I’d say NOTHING! Obviously it’s not true, but I wanted to make others and myself to believe that I’m an independent person with my own thoughts and beliefs. It was one way to show that I was a mature adult.

If I ask this question to me 5 years ago, I’d say A LITTLE! It was the beginning of a journey to admit and recognize that many decisions that I make are influenced by others opinions. Not everyone’s, but people who I care about or I respect.

If I ask this question to me now, I’d say A LOT! I admit that and I am not ashamed AT ALL!

  • After high school I knew I wanted to study economics in college but I didn’t know where. My BFF Mara told me to check out UCEMA. I went and studied economics there. I’m glad that I heard her because if I didn’t go to that school, I wouldn’t fall in love with economics and spend 10 years of myself into it.
  • My decision to come to the US to pursue a Ph.D in Economics was influenced by a professor that I respect a lot. When I was lost after finishing college, I went to ask him what he thought I should do. Within 2 secs he said:” You should do whatever you want and you’ll succeed in whatever you decide to do. If you like corporate world, you should do a Master in Finance. If you like economics,  you should go to US for a Ph.D in Economics.”  And here I am, with a Ph.D degree in hand. I’m glad that I believed his words and myself.
  • I always liked macroeconomics over microeconomics because the professors in macroeconomics were the best we had in UCEMA.
  • My specialization for graduate studies is International Finance. It is highly influenced by the professors we have in Econ Department. They are the best economists in the field and what’s even more important, they’re the greatest persons I’ve ever met.
  • My dissertation is about Financial Crisis. It’s an interesting topic but what influenced me the most was my advisor Carmen, the #1 female economist in the world.
  • My workout depends on what classes my favorite instructor is teaching. Alex teaches cardio dance, kick boxing and spinning, so they’re in my weekly routine.
  • As you can see in this blog, a lot of food choices and products are popular in the blog world, like these. If I don’t let others to have influence on me, I’d never try these, and I’m so glad I tried. 😉
We are human, a social animal. It’s kind of silly to deny the fact that others have influence on us. Who do we want to bull shit? No one but us. Admitting it or not, it’s an undeniable fact that our decisions are highly influenced by others. Our parents, friends, professor, the media or even strangers that we meet randomly, they all play a role in our decision process.

Realizing that IT’S OKAY to admit that others have influence on me is a HUGE RELIEVE. Why? Because if not admit it, I was just consciously fooling myself. What a burden!

Q: What about you? What kind of things do others have influence on you?


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6 responses to “Thought: How much influence do others have on you?

  1. I completely agree with you that ten years ago I wasn’t influenced by people even half as much as now!! I wish that weren’t the case, but I think most of the time the influence is positive. One of my best examples is when I see people succeeding in the field of dietetics. It influences me to work harder and really push myself. I think move than “influence” it “motivates” me.

    Have a great weekend Coco!!

  2. Love this post, Coco! It’s so introspective, and it really gets me thinking. I think you’re right, there’s a lot to be gained by letting others influence us!

  3. DiningAndDishing

    I have always felt very influenced by my parents. They are people I love and respect, so I usually see this as a positive thing. Interesting topic for sure!

    – Beth @

  4. on a deep level i am very influenced by others. i definitely find that even if i have my own life path carved out in my mind, i tend to need validation from those close to me that i am in fact “on the right path” uno? more and more i am trusting myself to make my own decisions and not need feedback 24/7..but its very hard!

    xoxo ❤

  5. yayyy this is a really cool post girl! I agree we are sooo easily influenced in every way. That’s why we should all ask ourselves, what kind of influence AM I? good or bad? as much as others affect us, so do we affect them. we are relational beings and I think it’s very healthy to follow others as long as we don’t IDOLIZE them 😛 i love how you broke it down into 3 stages in your life and see the change in yourself. ❤

  6. Angelena Lamb

    🙂 hello …
    Strong personalities are what influences me, the things people say, what they do. I’m sixteen, don’t give me too much crap, but last year I had a hard break up, ever since I found it harder to get going. I soon developed depression, and a sleeping disorder! I would miss four out of every six days of school.
    I got transferred into Academic Challenge,
    Yes, normal class was .. No challenge
    My teacher changed my life, and my view point on the entire world. She showed me this beautiful world, where all you have to do is believe. Believe, I can’t put extra emphasis on the word believe but I surely believe I would if I could.
    My teacher had a massiiiivvee impact on my thoughts, my words and my actions.
    She told me she believed in me, and eventually I did get out of bed in the morning to go to school. That was a month and 23 days ago. Ever since I’ve been going and shall continue on this road to success. I’ve worked my ass off with eleven in completed assignments, been happier too eh!
    My teacher changed my life. If she wasnt there to believe in me, to teach me and help me, I would literally be a failure. I’m in high school, 16 years. She told me “I hear your tears”, I want to be a teacher and teach the greatest lessons anyone could learn. Save A Life -the fray. Listen to it(; her influence is proved here because from ages.. Say, five when I would watch hospital television shows(bloody operations) to 14, wanted to be a brain surgeon. Because I wanted to save lives, but I can also be a teacher and save lives. Guys, you have no idea. The lesson is worth more than all the money in the world
    It’s beautiful, just believe in yourself
    And you can accomplish anything

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