Travel: Orlando day 6 Animal Kingdom

What happened with day 4 and 5 you wonder… well… we took it relaxed… A lot of shopping, downtown Orlando, old town and pirates mini golf. I’ll do a post about them with all our purchases! 😀

Yesterday we went to Animal Kingdom.


First thing we did was the Safari experience. Look this ancient wild truck, so cool


and we went to the “jungle”







Although we knew that it’s all made up… I have to say that it’s very well made. Everything looks so real and natural. Definitely the second best tour after Soarin.

And then we did some trekking in Africa and Asia


colorful fishes


and more


a ride on the Wildlife Express Train



Watched “it’s tough to be a bug” inside The Tree of Life


We also did Dinasaur, Kali River Rapids which was really fun, we were both completely soaked ;), watched Festival of the Lion King, Finding Nemo – the musical and Flights of Wonder.

It is a nice theme park, we both enjoyed walking around and feel immerse in a real “jungle”. 🙂

We don’t plan to do the other two theme parks because they sound more like for kids. We’re heading back tonight so today we’ll visit Disney Downtown for some souvenir shopping! Oh.. no… more shopping? my wallet hurts! 👿


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9 responses to “Travel: Orlando day 6 Animal Kingdom

  1. Great photos!

    Have fun shopping! And have a safe trip home!

  2. I love Disney but haven’t been to AK–but I’ve heard, and your pictures confirm–that it’s a really neat place!!

  3. Ooohh, so much fun, Coco! Hope you have a wonderful time at Downtown Disney tonight!

  4. Weighting For 50

    What a wonderful looking trip. I’m enjoying all of your photos, thanks for sharing!!!!!

  5. thedelicateplace

    lol your wallet hurts!? well you are on vacation 🙂

  6. Such fantastic pictures.
    I can’t wait to have kids and bring them here. It’s just an excuse to go, really, because I’d go now in a heartbeat, if I had a vacation and the money 🙂
    Have a safe trip home!

  7. Hope you had fun in Downtown Disney!

  8. looks like you and mom had a fun time at animal kingdom. that’s actually the one park i haven’t been to. i still enjoy the other parks, even though they seem like they’re for kids. 🙂 sometimes you just need an excuse to release your inner child. 🙂

  9. Another fun recap!!! Your posts are making me want to plan a trip!

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