Travel: Orlando day 2 Sea World

We went to Sea World. It was a beautiful day! 😀

We arrive around 10AM and there was a long line to the entrance


after 40 min we were in!


We asked a guide what shows to see and she recommended us the Shamu Show first. Usually the waiting time is an hour, but we were lucky. We arrived 10 min earlier and squeezed in 😉



it’s soooo cute!!! 😀


Then we walked around and found a beautiful spot!


a great view for lunch


I’m so in pink mood lately! Love everything PINK!


we watched the Sea Lion show


the acrobatic show performed mainly by chinese artist


The Shark Encounter





The Penguin Encounter. Most penguins were in a funny resting posture, with their head twist to one side


and Caribbean Flamingo


We left the park around 4PM because it was too hot and the waiting line for the dolphin show was like 2 hours. So we decided to go back to the hotel for a short rest and go to the Orlando Premium Outlet for some shopping! We ended up buying 4 pairs of shoes, two bags and two shirts in <2 hrs! Mom wants to go back! 😀


Overall, we both like Sea World. The park is very well maintained, the scenery is beautiful and relaxing (if you can avoid the crowd). The shows are nice but not super exciting. I think they’re mostly designed for kids.

Today we’re going to Epcot!!! 😆

Q: If you’ve been here, is there anything in Orlando that we MUST see/do before we leave?


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5 responses to “Travel: Orlando day 2 Sea World

  1. Ahhh Shamu! The first time I went down to Miami to visit Bobby (this was the summer of 2006… we had just started dating in Dec 2005) we went up to Orlando and we saw that show. I don’t remember what else we saw there… I think we saw manatees (poor things, they get hit by boats a lot and many of them had scars) and pink flamingos. It was a lot of walking around which I loved. Enjoy 🙂

  2. I love sea world! Ive never been to Orlando, yet, but Ive heard there are some really fun salsa dancing clubs down there! I dont know if thats your thing, but that screams a fun time to me!

  3. thedelicateplace

    love sea world! also loving your outfits on this trip so cute! but i’m very jealous that you are getting to experience warm weather, it’s so crappy here and rainy!

  4. Epcot is SO much fun! I think that was my favorite of the parks we visited!

  5. Looks like a fun, beautiful day! I bet my kids would LOVE it there. 🙂

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