Food: homemade yogurt and mom’s cooking

Thanks to csn I finally got a yogurt maker!!! It’s so easy to make and it requires so little effort!

What you need: yogurt maker, milk, yogurt, thermometer and 11 hours!!!


the next day, yogurt is ready! 🙂


I add some vanilla and stevia


breakfast combo of last 5 days! yogurt + coconut apple oatbran muffin


I love wonton, the shanghai style so my mom made them for me 😉



filling is made with chinese greens, shiitake and shrimp. YUM~~~


Other random eats: chinese mustard greens sauteed with mushrooms


bok choy


cauliflower with black fungus, shiitake and pork


and I made this for Star: pork belly with 霉干菜 (dehydrated red leaves)



Since my mom arrived, I don’t think about what to eat anymore because I completely delegated the task to her (although she needs some creativity to master the job 😉 because somedays we’d eat exactly the same thing for lunch and dinner! And I hate eating the same things twice a day! )

Last night I booked ticket and hotel to visit Orlando next week with my mom!!! Can you believe that I’ve never been in a Walt Disney World? Shame on me!!! 😉

Q: Where should I go in Orlando other than Walt Disney World?


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8 responses to “Food: homemade yogurt and mom’s cooking

  1. All that Chinese food looks so bright and delicious! And a trip to Orlando sounds so fun. I’ve never been so I can’t help with ideas on where to go, though! 😉

  2. i’ve never been to walt disney world either!

    oh the food your mom makes looks like the ones in restaurants!!

  3. Weighting For 50

    So exciting about your trip next week!!!! Your mom can come and cook for me anytime!!! Have a great day!

  4. it’s so ironic that you posted this because I just tried making my own yogurt with my YoLife yogurt maker. My attempt was a complete failure and I think I’m giving my yogurt maker away to a friend. It was too much effort and it didn’t turn out good at all. I think I’m sticking to my Stonyfield 🙂 I’m glad yours turned out though!!

  5. Ooh! I read about those yogurt makers in a magazine recently–it seems like such a good idea! Would you recommend getting one?

  6. Disneyworld is one of my top targets when I go to Orlando 😀 I can’t suggest any because I’ve never been there too. 🙂 Anyway, those foods look soo delicious! And making a yogurt at home is really interesting.

  7. hehe you got it? Nice!
    Hope you have a wonderful time in Orlando !! Doctor! (Big Congrats!)

  8. congrats on passing your dissertation! such a great accomplishment and feeling.

    so cool that you made your own yogurt, too. i’ve been wanting to try that. and your wonton look delicious!

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