Food: milanesa de soja (soybean flour cake)

Milanesa de soja is a common vegetarian/vegan dish in Argentina. Milanesa is originally made with beef, I made it once and it was great! Since I have a package of soy bean flour sitting in the pantry for a long time, I want to try making milanesa de soja.

Final product



  • 1.5 cup water
  • 190g soy bean flour
  • 40g wheat bran
  • 50g wheat germ
  • 100g vital gluten
  • 1 cup pumpkin puree
  • 1/2 tbsp yeast
  • S+P
  • 1.5 cup panko or breadcrumb
  • 1-2 tbsp dry basil


the large bowl is soy bean flour, it’s slightly yellow.


put everything in breadmaker and choose dough setting


After an hour


prepare the table with plastic film


roll the dough


cut the cakes


prepare a mix of panko, S+P and dry basil. Take each piece (slightly wet) and pat gently to the panko mix


Bake 20 min at 375F, turning it once


served with tomato sauce, steamed corn and sauteed kale, shiitake and onion with coconut oil and soy sauce


or with avocado




I think I like it even more than the original milanesa de carne.

Q: What’s your take on soy controversy? How often do you consumer soy products? Personally I don’t believe that soy is bad for us. What is bad is the highly proceed soy products, as any other highly proceed food. Soy is a big part of asian diet, we consume a lot of soy derived products, mostly in form of soy milk, tofu and soy beans. I consume at least 2-3 times a week some kind of soy products.



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12 responses to “Food: milanesa de soja (soybean flour cake)

  1. thedelicateplace

    i know nothing about argentine food so i love when post things like this. i love opening my palate to new foods! this looks super yummy!

  2. Whoa that looks super tasty! I love veggie versions!

    I agree with you on soy mostly. I don’t think it’s terrible for you but everyone eats the super high processed soy products and nothing highly processed is meant for the body. However, I wouldn’t really say it’s great for you either. It does have components that mess with hormones, mostly testosterone, but there are other foods that do that as well.

    I personally do not eat much soy but that’s just because I don’t care for them……except soy sauce. haha

  3. I am doing a store tour at work on “Foods with Soy”. After doing more research on soy, I agree with your take on it. I think soy is fine, but the processed soy, which is what most Americans are eating all day, everyday, is not good for us. I like to recommend things like edamame, roasted soy beans, soy flour (like what’s in this recipe!) tempeh, and tofu as good sources of soy. Your soybean cake looks wonderful. I love the addition of the avocado!

  4. I think the research is inconclusive as of yet, so I choose to eat soy in moderation.

  5. Madelyne

    awesome I never heard of milanesa de soja. My grandpa is Peruvian and my he always took us to Peruvian restaurants when we were little and my favorite dishes were milanesa and lomo saltado.

    I don’t think soy is bad. There are people whole think soy is bad, meat is bad, eggs are bad. dairy is bad, grains are bad, fruits are bad so basically that leaves you with just vegetables. Anythiing that isn’t too processed isn’t bad imo, and tofu is fine.

  6. I think people just like to fuss about and hype up every thing. News isn’t news until there is some kind of foreboding death warning or something, and it annoys the shit out of me. I’m not a big soy fan, but unless you’re eating tofu for every meal with soymilk, I don’t see any reason to be concerned about enjoying soy, like this lovely cake.

    I’ve never seen this before…well, probably bc you veganized it, but it looks really good! πŸ˜€

  7. Coco! This is geniuuuuusss! ohhh i want milanesa now~memoriessssss πŸ˜€ i’m still not too sure about the BAD-NESS of soy!! b/c my family and I eat it so often! it’s just staple food to us. I can relate to you in this hehe

  8. YUMMY πŸ™‚ Balanced protein and beautiful to look at too πŸ™‚
    I think soy is great in moderation. My mom has balanced her hormones by eating more soy when many people told her to avoid it. Even though I have a past with hypothyroidism, small amount or moderate amounts of tofu and soy products doesn’t cause me any issues, which is awesome.

    xoxo ❀

  9. looks like a very interesting and creative dish.
    i tend to side with you on the soy issue. processed soy is different (as far as i know) from soybeans and whole soy products. what do you consider as highly processed soy?

  10. I’ve never heard of this before but it sure sounds tasty! And I like your tip to cover the counter with plastic wrap. Easy clean up for sure!!

  11. I’m about to leave Bs As in a week and I’m going ot miss soy milanesas a lot! So i googled “how to make a soy milanesa” and yours popped up!

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