Life: I am a JOKE!

Remember that I mentioned that I lost my passport here? well, it turns out that I had it ALL THESE TWO MONTHS that I thought I’ve lost it. 😯

When I came back from China in January, I thought I lost my passport when I arrived. Where? No idea! I can only remember checking it in Chicago with the passport. I went to the Lost and Found department in the airport three times and called them several times. No news! I’ve reported it to the police and the embassy. I’ve requested a temporary travel permit to go to Argentina this Friday to get a new passport. I have the air-ticket. Star has arranged everything there to help me to get the passport in three days. I’ve made an appointment in the US embassy to get a new visa too. So, everything was arranged because I’ve lost the passport. It’s a huge mess but I had to deal with it.

And then on Saturday, after the dinner, Star was doing some order and he saw my big luggage (which didn’t arrive on the same flight that I was on, but arrived the next day and the airline deliveried it to my home). And who knows why it occurs to Star to check the side folder, but he found my passport there! 😯 We were both super excited of finding it because it saves me a trip to argentina, two to three weeks staying there alone, get a new passport and new US visa. But I was at the same time completely perplexed! How was it possible that my passport got into there? I remembered using it last time in Chicago where I transited, and I used it after I checked the bags! 😯 After a day figuring out, I found the answer. Since my bags didn’t arrive when I arrived, I went to claim to the airline. I had my bags stickers in the passport. And I’m sure I left it on the counter. So the next day when my bags arrived, the person who found my passport put it in the bag. GREAT! IF he only left a note or let people from lost and found know about this, it could have done me a great favor!!! It could save us a lot of time spent on logistics.

But anyway, I’m sooo happy to find it before I actually travel to ARgentina to get a new one.

Side note.

Last week a friend from Houston came to DC and stay few days with us. We took him to Cafe Milano for lunch.



They had a squash soup as appetizer


and I had the grilled octopus salad


For entree they both had buttered sea bass


over sauteed onions and leeks


I had whole wheat pasta with broccoli and goat cheese


it looked quite appetizing but I didn’t like it much 😦


but I did like the dessert: the best tiramisu ever! πŸ™‚



Q: Have you ever lost anything important and found it later?




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9 responses to “Life: I am a JOKE!

  1. That’s totally something I would do. In fact, I thought I had lost my passport but it was in my CAR all along. Also, when I was in Dublin, I thought it was stolen from my hotel room.. nope, it was in a special pocket of my bag. Doh.

  2. you look so pretty there coco!

    ive “lost” my drivers license PLENTY of times!

  3. DiningAndDishing

    I’ve never been to Cafe Milano but the presentation looks great! So glad you found your passport – what a pain that would have been!

    – Beth @

  4. hehe it is indeed a joke! but it end up in a good way!

  5. Mmm the tiramisu looks so good.
    I’ve had tiramisu ice cream here in Bs As. It’s the strangest yet yummiest thing ever! Can’t wait to meet you here!

  6. You have me craving squash soup now!

  7. Oh man~Tiramisu is one of my fave desserts πŸ˜€ So glad you found the passsport Coco! I would do something like that. I think I once thought I lost my citizenship diploma and almost had a heart attack haha. Hmmmm i know this is bad, but if I were you, I’d have been in Argentina in a heart beat! hahah there’s an excuse then πŸ˜›

  8. Oh my goodness I am so glad that you found it! How stressful! I do stuff like that all the time unfortunately. Right now I am trying to find my baby carrier. I have looked everywhere!

  9. So glad you found our passport! Sounds like getting a new one issued was gonna be a HUGE hassle.

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