Thoughts: Joy of aging

I became 30 two months ago and as much as I deny the fact that I look like 30 yrs old, I must admit that I am aware of my age. Physically I can notice small changes like:

  • Need 8 hours sleep instead of 5-6
  • Staying up late one night means dizzy head the following day
  • A hectic week guarantees an exhausted body

Mentally I noticed big changes

When I was 20

  • I was afraid of  future
  • I was afraid of not being able to meet my families’ expectations
  • I was afraid to disappoint them if I don’t do what they think it’s the best for me (although luckily my parents never explicitly told me what to do!)
  • I was afraid that I’d never find someone who loves me the true me
  • I was afraid to lose friends or not be able to make new ones
  • I was afraid of meeting new people
  • I was afraid that I’d never know what makes me happy

At age of 30

  • I learned to appreciate little things in life
  • I learned to value families and friends more than anything
  • I learned that life is meant to be lived by myself and not to please others
  • I learned to distinguish others opinions and take only the part the serves me and not feel sorry about the rest.
  • I learned that there is no set meaning of life, there is nothing that can be defined, or written. It’s a matter of sculpting your very own definition.

And the most important thing is I learned what matters to me the most and how to be happy! 🙂

Severals things contributed to this journal of finding my own path:

  • Be positive no matter how many negative things happen. Things happen for a reason and one day they’ll be revealed
  • Be open minded. Accept new things even when they are uncertain or when they are not our comfort zone.
  • Be considerate with others. Think in their shoes and respect their decisions even they are against you.
  • Be generous. Giving without asking for returns really makes one happy.
  • Take time to think and evaluate events and people. Take a walk and communicate with yourself.
  • Keeps the magic of wonder! Why most babies are happy? Because they look the world with wonder all the time! 🙂

Q: What have you learned in the last ten years?


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9 responses to “Thoughts: Joy of aging

  1. I like this post. Very interesting and thoughtful 🙂

  2. This is fascinating-I turned 30 in Dec and in the past few months, have felt some differences, particularly in how I recover from workouts. I’ve wondered if it’s all in my head–I mean, 30 isn’t exactly 100!–but it’s interesting to read yuor experiences.

  3. coco you don’t even look like you’re 30!

  4. Beautiful post, Coco!

    What have I learned in the last 10 years?
    – Your attitude makes a huge difference. And you ARE in control of your attitude.
    – Be thankful for your health every day. You never know about tomorrow.
    – Take the time to cultivate true friendships.
    – Appreciate the “little things” in life every single day: a beautiful flower, sunshine, 30 minutes in the park, the “luxury” to read a good book before going to sleep…
    – Worry less, spend less time being angry, disappointed, and discontent.
    – Spend more time enjoying and being thankful for what you have!

    I just told my hubby, “Wouldn’t it be great if we had known 20 years ago (when we were 20) what we know today?” But I think it’s all part of the process… 🙂

  5. Haha, in my short lived life, I’ve learned each day that God’s grace is all I need! 😀 I’ve also learned that I don’t have to be a shy girl like I was till Jr. High! And many other things, but these are the greatest for moi ❤

  6. Wow, everything you were scared in your 20s are my fears now (I’m 20). I wish I knew what made me happy and how I could make my parents proud at the same time. But luckily my parents are pretty supportive.
    Can’t wait to meet up with you in a few weeks!!!

  7. Great post Coco. While I’m still not 30, I am close enough, and I’ve come a VERY long way since I Was 20. I think I took advantage of life at age 20, and I didn’t appreciate what I had. I also think I cared more about myself than anyone else. this is something that has changed drastically, and now that I have Nick in my life, I care about him, and my family (and his!)., more than ever before. I also focus more on the present, rather than the past or future. Well, at least I’m working on that one 🙂

  8. Weighting For 50

    I love this thoughtful and insightful post! I’m in my 40’s….and honestly, life just keeps getting better. I learned that though you are the same core person inside, you become “different” because you change when you experience things. Does that make sense?

  9. Oh boy….I have learned A LOT in the past 10yrs! Especially having had 2 kids in that time. I’ve learned that I am stronger physically and mentally than I ever thought possible. I’ve learned that in my early 20’s staying up all night to party was easy, but staying up all night with a cranky baby is a whole different ball game. I’ve learned that marriage is hard work, everyday….not just every once in awhile. I’ve learned that I don’t need loads of friend to be happy. Just a few good ones.

    Great post, Coco!

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