Food: bamboo tutorial

Fresh bamboo is my latest obsession. I can’t get enough of them. I add it to everything. It’s hard to describe the taste. But I think the closest thing would be palm hearts. So I thought I’d share this with you. If you see it at the asian market, give it a try~ πŸ™‚

This is how it looks. Β In my local asian market, $2.99/lb


First peel it off everything that is brown.


Then boil the entire piece in hot water for 5 min.

This is what you get. It’s pretty small compared to the size of the original bamboo.


cut in your desire form and add to the meal.


If you can’t find fresh ones, there’s canned too. It’s much cheaper but less tasty and less crunchy.





I used it as topping for pizza


other toppings in this pizza: oyster mushroom, zucchini and mozzarella.


To stir-fries. This one has also bok choy, mushrooms, green peas and salmon.


this one has green cabbage, green peppers, black fungus, bamboo and dry shrimp.


all these stir-fries were made with this magic sauce: olive preserved olive leafs


in less than two weeks, I’m seeing the bottom of this jar πŸ˜‰


I made a batch of brown rice/aduki/barley. It tastes like dessert!


served with stir-fry and a poached egg


I’m succeeding on microwave poached egg!


and rice cake with bok choy in a very spicy sauce! 😯 What happens to my taste buds lately? I crave spicy food!


I did a lot of online shopping today! My purse “hurts”. I’ll post them soon πŸ˜‰

Have a nice weekend everyone. Mine will to be fantastic!!!!!!

Q: What was the last thing you purchased online?


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13 responses to “Food: bamboo tutorial

  1. Weighting For 50

    Your blog inspires me to get myself to the big Asian supermarket we have here and try new things!!! Your food looks amazing. Thanks as always for sharing great recipes!!! Have a great weekend.

  2. I don’t think I ever knew you could eat bamboo!!

  3. i like bamboo but in small increments i dont know if i can huge chunks of it like you!

  4. I just bought bamboo shoots (canned) today! Next time I’ll look for fresh.

  5. Coooliooss! One of my closest friends in High School used to alwwayyyss eat bamboo shoots in her stir fries, and it always looked so good. Can’t remember if she shared with me…Heyy! I don’t think she did! haha

  6. RICE CAKES!! Love them. I’ve been eating a lot of rice cakes lately, doused in kecap manis and pork floss.

    I’ve never had fresh bamboo before…I just get too lazy to peel them!

  7. What a pizza! I’ll keep my eye out for bamboo. I just love how you use so many unique ingredients in your meals!

    Last thing I purchased online was Lululemon. I’m obsessed with their clothes!

  8. I have never worked with bamboo. Thanks for the tutorial! I’ll have to give them a try!

    Last online purchase? A frying pan. It should get here soon…

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I’ve never tried bamboo, but it looks like more of a savory dish? It sounds super interesting!

    The last thing I bought online was a u-haul trailer to help me move this weekend!

  10. What a great way to describe these…palm hearts! I love artichokes and heart of palm. Yum. And you pretty much use the bamboo the same way you would a heart of palm, on pizza….sounds amazing.

    This weekend I work, but tomorrow I have a day off and I plan on doing some shopping of my own. Mainly for the house, but I also need some jewelry (vintage probably!).

  11. I learn so much from you, Coco! I’ve seen fresh bamboo before but I’ve never bought any…now that I know how to prepare it, I think I will!

  12. I miss bamboo so much!
    I’m in Buenos Aires right now and it’s so hard to find spicy fooood 😦

  13. thedelicateplace

    mmm i love bamboo! i’ve only had it out of a can though! i can’t wait to see what you picked up shopping online–i think we have a similar style πŸ™‚ last thing i bought was a dress from anthropologie that is brown and gray i love it!

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