Early Valentine gift for a Mac fans

Star leaves for a business trip this Friday for a week, so we won’t celebrate Valentine’s together 😦 Boo! But I got an early gift .Yupi! 🙂


Ipad was something that I wasn’t sure that I needed wanted, so even I’m a huge fans of Mac I haven’t got it yet. This time, Star insisted and insisted to get one for me because all his coworkers love it and say wonderful things about it. I first declined… then I was indecisive and few hours later I surrendered!



I’ve been downloading a lot of applications. I’ll let you know what I think about it 🙂

Talking of being a Mac fan. This morning I did a little bit of organization and look my Mac Family 🙂


Macbook Pro, Ipad, Itouch, Ipod nano x 2, Ipod shuffle and Iphone 4 (oh… I also have Iphone 3G too).


ok… I feel I’m becoming a shopaholic. I need to stop (or do it in moderation) 😯

Yesterday for lunch we ate at home. Sauteed pork with bok choy and red peppers for Star.


sauteed chinese mustard with mushrooms for me






and for dinner we went to Spices Asian restaurant and Sushi

We shared a ginger salad to start


I had the vegetarian hot pot


that comes with rice


we ordered two more things: rice noodle with minced chicken and peppers, grilled combination veggies. Unfortunately they didn’t allow me to take more pics 😦 But they were all delicious~~~ 😀

Another week has started but I have no plans except playing with my new toy 🙂 What a great life I’m having (which will end soon :().

Q1: Are you a Mac fan? Do you like Ipad?

Q2: What do you feel about being naked in changing room? I got some thoughts about it last weekend, but I’d like to hear from you first.



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12 responses to “Early Valentine gift for a Mac fans

  1. I will come visit you soon! Then we can have fun together 🙂

  2. P.S. To answer the questions, 1) I love mac! and 2) I am not self conscious at all and I don’t mind being naked.

  3. I’m a big Apple fan in that I LOVE my iPhone!

    No iPad for me yet. I’m waiting to see what improvements they come up with next. Instead, I bought myself a Toshiba netbook – it’s my blogging toy! 🙂

  4. I want an iPad so bad!!!

  5. I know a few people with an ipad and they all LOVE it!

    Naked in a changeroom…..not sure if I ever have been to be honest….

  6. thedelicateplace

    my hubs and i are both mac obsessed! i’m considering getting the new iPad but i’m still on the fence! naked in the changing room like with the 360 degree mirrors? i’m ok with it i guess haha. it’s pretty much the only time i see my butt lol

  7. Oh! I love mac, although just have the iphone and the ipad, still using PC for computers 🙂 And what a gerat homemade meal 🙂 YUMMIE!

  8. Oh about the Argentine place Clapton’s~haha it’s not a boliche just a cafe 😛 Niiiice! I’m not a mac user nor am I a fan, unless…if I ever get one, I may become one? but my bf Greg has an IPAD for his work and loves it! I have to admit, the things you can do with that thing are crazy! He’s now trying to learn Korean through that 🙂 have a sweet evening~

  9. Sorry you won’t be with Star on Valentine’s…but yay for your early gift! Dinner looks delish!

  10. DiningAndDishing

    I only have an ipod. I’d love an iphone so i can listen to Pandora at the gym though! You have quite the collection there :).

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  11. What a fun gift…you are definitely a Mac fan! I’m thinking about getting a Macbook; what do you like about yours? Any helpful hints for a first time Mac buyer? 😉

  12. my dad just got an iPhone through his work- his boss gave them to all the employees to replace their Motorola phones. he had me look at it and switch him over because he isnt tech savvy. neither am i, but i have to admit that i caught on faster than i would with a PC. my oldest brother is anti-Mac but i dont care cuz i love it! definitely would love to test out the iPad too. lucky girl for getting an early V-day gift..but hey, stuff like this is too good to wait for!! ❤

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