A stay-in Sunday!

It’s a beautiful day here in DC, sunny and cold. We had no plans and we are too lazy to change clothes for a walk outdoor. So we stayed at home the whole day. Star took care of the cleaning and I was free to play with a new toy: Hot Rollers!


It comes with 3 different size rollers and 20 clips.


I had no experience at all but after 15 min I was “done”


I waited for 10 min and voila~~~

style #1


style #2


It was really easy to create a casual look, and it’s cheap <$30. 😆

And then I cooked, the only household work that I do nowadays 😉

sauteed greens with chili


red sauce pork (boiled egg added)




vegetable stew: lotus root, bok choy, carrot, shiitake, mushrooms, onions and dry bean curd.




Q1: How do you distribute the housework at home?

In our case, Star is in charge of cleaning (floor, kitchen, bathroom, dishes), food preparation, trash, aka=everything but cooking. And I’m in charge of the cooking, ordering and some re-cleaning. 😀 His willingness to work is better than his ability. He even request a cleaning code 😯

Q2: Where do you get hair-style inspirations?



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13 responses to “A stay-in Sunday!

  1. lele

    Both of your hair styles are beautiful! It’s so hard for me to keep curls in my hair, they straighten out by themselves too fast.

    What part of China is Star from? It seems like he is into strong flavored dishes. I LOVE hard boiled eggz in red sauce pork! Hmmm, reminds me of my mom’s cooking.

    Enjoy your Sunday night!

  2. Both of your hairstyles are stunning!! I need to get me some heating hair curling rollers!!

  3. I love those rollers – I received them from my sister for my birthday a couple of years ago, and they have totally replaced the curling iron! I have to confess that I cannot live without my Chi straightener. Because I try to wash my hair only ever three days, to keep it healthy, my style has more to do with what wash day it is on, and the weather outside! When it’s snowing, I usually just pull it back, instead of dealing with frizz all day! Your hair looks gorgeous!
    Your food looks delicious – and made me hungry!

  4. #2 is great!!! 🙂

    As far as cleaning – I’ll confess we have a cleaning lady; so she takes care of most of the major stuff. Other than that we try to split it pretty evenly. With the exception that the Husband is in charge of garbage, recycling, minor repairs, changing lightbulbs, and other handyman tasks. Meanwhile I’m the food shopper and cook!

  5. I get my hairstyle inspirations from any one of my friends or girls around me. Usually, I’m a big sucker for big bodied waves and stuff 🙂 Man, your chinese dishes always look so good! I prefer o.g. chinese food over americanized ones.

  6. Wow, your hair looks GREAT! Mine is way too short for those rollers, it would be a giant poof ball if I tried them!

    When it comes to chores, I do mostly everything, but Nick does a lot of the BIG things, like trash/recycle, laundry (yeah!!) and sometimes dishes. I love that he does the laundry. Seriously, it’s great!

  7. Gue.

    …just love your pork! >;-)

  8. DiningAndDishing

    The weather yesterday certainly made it tempting to stay indoors!! I am loving the sunshine but these freezing temps can GO!

    – Beth @ www. DiningAndDishing.com

  9. mara

    que linda!!!
    che rulis, como haces esos vegetales saltados? al wok? con aceite?

  10. I’ve never used hot rollers. You look GREAT!!!

  11. My hubby usually does the laundry and garbage. We share the vacuuming and dishes and I pretty much do the rest.

    Love your hair! I’m growing mine out so I’m kinda in limbo as to what to do with it on a daily basis! :/

  12. i used to use hot rollers when i was young, i loved them come to think of it. now i just use a curling iron, i think it might be faster? my hair is curly so i just run the curling iron through a few pieces of hair instead of rolling all of it.

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