Being flexible & homemade food

I haven’t post about homemade food for few days. That doesn’t mean I didn’t start cooking. Although not big meals, I slowly started to visit the kitchen more often 😉

Yesterday I worked all day long, first time in 1.5 month 😯 and I was exhausted by the end of the day. Actually after working just two hours, I wanted to quit, but I wouldn’t allow my laziness to pull me back, so I made this wonderful coffee and continued. I ended up working until 5 PM planning to go to the gym at 6.15PM, but laying down on the coach for 30 min convinced me to take a day off. Although I knew I’d feel better after working out, I just didn’t feel like going and preferred stay at home with Star and watch TV. I’m glad I learned to be flexible with myself. Being highly disciplined also means highly inflexible and it is not always a good thing. 🙂

okay. look this beautiful capucchino with perfectly steamed milk with dash of cinnamon. I made it at home!!! 😆


and here’s my secret weapon: a manual steam maker



poor the hot milk


“work” (pull and down) for 1-2 min and voila, steamed milk


pour over the coffee


and add cinnamon if you like capucchino


I’ve been having this combo for breakfast over a week: homemade soy milk, steamed yam and 1 kiwi.


a lot of veggies dishes!

sauteed chinese mustard with oyster mushroom


sauteed broccoli with tofu, black fungus and dry scallops


served with brown rice and barley


in another day I made sauteed Brussels sprouts with black fungus and shiitake


steamed egg


with rice


oh….. Star and I played some childhood table game too. I won (obviously ;))!!!


Q1: Any weekend plan?

Q2 (totally random): How many hours do you sleep per day?



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6 responses to “Being flexible & homemade food

  1. thedelicateplace

    oyster mushrooms are so tasty! i like eating a sweet potato for breakfast with cinnamon and tahini 🙂 i am packing this weekend! the moving company is coming on monday morning to move nate and i! i’m so excited 🙂 i’ll probably not be blogging for 2 weeks until i find an apartment to settle down into but in the mean time i’ll be reading! i usually sleep 8hrs each night but some nights after a long week it might be 9-10!

  2. Glad you are ok with being flexible. 🙂 Getting back to the grind is hard, but it sounds like you’re coping with some wonderful company and delicious food!

    I sleep about 7 hrs a night. I used to get anywhere from 5-7, though!

  3. I love that you are flexible!! You’ve just got to listen to your body. I love that you do!

    It really depends on the night, but I’d say about 7 hours. Even if I try to sleep in, I always seem to wake up after 7 hours of sleep, and I really can’t sleep in any longer.

  4. Looks like such a fun game, Coco! Mmm, your cappuccino looks wonderful…very cool steam maker!

  5. Seeing that coffee makes me want to dig my steamer out!! I forgot I even had it. All your veggies look so bright and vibrant, Coco.

    I try to get 7-8hrs of sleep per night. Anything less on a consistant basis and I get sick. 😦

  6. Madelyne

    Your food looks so good! Love all the veggies and rice. And that is my kind of breakfast, yum

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