Unconventional chinese food

Unconventional chinese food in China? This is a wrong sentence by definition because Chinese people would eat anything without hesitation! Seriously, they would eat everything! 😯

Hot pot is very popular in China. It is specially fun to eat with friends in cold days.


few appetizers


some conventional ingredients: shrimp balls, frozen tofu, dry bean “paper” and fish balls in bamboo


Da da da da!!! the “conventional ingredient”: loaches


I couldn’t do it! My friend finished it all by herself.


Yesterday we drove 1.5 hours to eat at a restaurant that is constructed above the lake that they breed crabs. Look what we had



do you know how to eat it? suck it! 😯

IMG_0084.JPG IMG_0086.JPG

fresh steamed lake fish


fried small fish


conventional dishes: celery sauteed with smoked tofu


fresh lake fish in red sauce




the star of the meal: crabs!


this is mine


ehhhhhh…… in eatable-pieces


I used 5 bowls and 5 plates 😯


In addition to eating-out a lot, I shopped even more. πŸ˜† Like my red boots? I love it! πŸ˜€


Less than a week until I go back. 😦



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11 responses to “Unconventional chinese food

  1. You and your shopping habits, I love it! I wish I could go shopping as much as you do. Those red boots look great on you, and I love that “relaxed” picture of you on the couch, you look so in the moment and …well..relaxed!

    The fish balls in bamboo sound very interesting. I would love to take a trip with you and eat some of these foods. While they are very different from what we eat here, I love the adventure of eating new and unusual foods.

  2. Looks like an interesting culinary experience, for sure. I’m a little wary of any food that still looks like…animals, so I’m not sure I could have eaten some of that seafood. πŸ™‚

    Love the new red boots! Now you’ll be all ready for snow! πŸ™‚

  3. I’m so glad you’re having so much fun! Oooh, so many new foods to me, I love seeing new dishes like this! Your new boots are adorable, Coco!

  4. lele

    are these the famous ε€§ι—ΈθŸΉ? Looks awesome!

  5. thedelicateplace

    *barf* i could not eat that loach haha and i’ll eat just about any protein!i cannot eat eel either but my husband loves it! i love your boots! and as always enjoy seeing another traditional cultures daily life in food!

  6. Jae

    I absolutely LOVE your posts because you’re so enthusiastic and have so much fun :). I also think its because of the Korean in me; the food, even though it’s Chinese, seems absolutely DELICIOUS.
    Have fun in China :))

  7. yay for having fun coco!

  8. Anita

    I’ve never seen loaches before in hot pot O: Did you try any at all? I’d imagine that it tastes like eel.

    Happy (late) new year, btw. πŸ™‚

  9. Kath (Eating for Living)

    The loach … Eek! 😯 I couldn’t have eaten it either. I’m also not a big fan of eel. When my dad catches eel (he loves fishing), he smokes them or pickles them in jelly. Gah.

  10. Love Love Love the boots!

  11. wow some of those foods look crazy! i love trying new things

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