Colombia: good, bad and ugly

Hi hi~~~ I’m back! I’ve put a long recap of my 5 days trip to Medellin, Colombia.

Good: I met many old friends by surprise. One of them, Thomas who I haven’t seen for more than four years, entered to my presentation. Can you imagine? I was more than surprised and happy 🙂

Bad: I was extremely busy so I couldn’t enjoy the conference and the trip much. I needed to send job applications, prepare for an interview and a presentation to give. Sleepless, stressed and foodless. 😯 I ate at random hours and probably just two meals a day, mainly food that I don’t usually eat: NO VEGGIES AT ALL, a lot of extremely sweet fruit and TONS OF MEAT! All that made an unhappy Coco and a sick Coco 😦

Yes. After 5 days of bad eating, I got sick 😦 The last day in Medellin, I woke up at 4 AM with a sharp stomach pain. No doc, just a pain-relieve pill. And during the flight back, I got fever and more stomach pain. More pills 😦 I went to the doctor today, she did blood test for me. I hope it’s nothing too serious.

Ugly: the food and the city. I’m sorry Medellin, but I really don’t find you pretty. The city is messy and dirty. We felt insecure walking around. So glad that taxi was cheap. The food is the worst, pics below to testify.

Okay. Now the recap

We arrived Medellin after 8 hours trip. Pablo tired face

me and Julien excited

Our hotel is an old fashion boutique style hotel. I like it a lot

my room has a desk

a big bed

and a large bathroom

Restaurant – breakfast

It’s the most important meal, the only secure meal, the only meal that I kind of enjoy during my stay in Colombia and it’s HUGE

Everyday I’d have two plates of fruits

#1 with bread, jam, preserve and potato tortilla

#2: more bread and fruit

A serving of omelette with mushrooms

This meal hold me until late afternoon or whenever next meal happens

The second day we had a cocktail at the Botero Museum. I like his work a lot. They’re all bulky but cute 🙂

The third night we had a dinner at Plaza Mayor. The food was terrible. A full plate of pork. I really don’t like pork but I finish the whole plate because I haven’t had food since 9 AM 😦 The good part of the dinner was the dance show. It was an hour long show, 3 groups dancing different kinds of dance: traditional colombian dance, tango, brazilian dance and many others. We were all surprised by the quality of the show 😀

Day four: Pablo, Valentina and I skipped the last session of the conference and went to Pueblito Paisa, the oldest town in Medellin, where one can have an overview of the whole city.

a street show

and the UGLY food


After glancing around street food… we agreed that we just couldn’t do it 😦 Instead, we went to the only restaurant in the small town

We order Coconut Juice

the most famous and traditional meal: Bandeja Paisa

it has rice, fried banana, fried egg, sausage, fried pork fat, grounded pork meat and bean cooked with pork sauce

and another combined plate called Muchacho Sudado (sweat boys)

it has beef, potato, yam, rice, corn patty and some shredded lettuce (my only doze of veggies in 5 days :shock:) in a greasy sauce

That’s it! As you can see, I didn’t enjoy this trip much. The 5 hours flight back seemed eternity. oh… there was an dramatic episode in between too. I forgot some paper work and was sent to the immigration office for check. I was almost sure I’d miss the next flight. But fortunately I got into the plane just 5 min before departure. I felt terrible during the 2 hours flight. When I walked toward Star, who was waiting me at the gate, I felt I was fainting.

Today I feel a little better… at least I have enough energy to go to the doc office. I’m worried that I won’t have enough time to study for an important interview that I’m going to have soon. Whatever… all I want now is to have all this craziness to end and relax.



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11 responses to “Colombia: good, bad and ugly

  1. Hey there Coco,

    Sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your time in Colombia.
    Your breakfast plates look delicious though! I spent a bit of time in Colombia and thought it was fabulous, but I didn’t get to see Medellin.

    Hope you’re feeling better now! And good luck preparing for your interview!

  2. Oh I’m so sorry to hear your trip wasn’t so fun. You know what though? It was an experience and a story to talk about. I mean you’ve been to so many neat places and when you have kids oyu will have so many fun stories to tell and pictures to show them! I think it’s neat.

    I’m glad your sickness didn’t get much worse. That could have ended up really bad. I had stomach problems, especially in other countries!!

    Good luck at the interview. You will do great. Just breath, and relax, and live in the moment.

  3. oh girl! I’m so glad you’re back. Get some rest- eat lots of fruits & veggies and drink fluids. Glad the trip was a success (other than the tummy)

  4. thedelicateplace

    yikes i hope you feel better! at least your hotel looked nice 🙂 at least you are home now and can enjoy comfort foods and relaxing time with star!

  5. Sorry you didn’t like the food, but I’m glad you got to meet up with old friends! The hotel breakfast looks pretty good with all the fresh fruit!

  6. I’m sorry your trip wasn’t so great. But at least you got to see some old friends…

    Hope your stomach will be back to normal soon!

  7. Kath (Eating for Living)

    Oh dear, that food looks awful! 😯 I know how bad food can ruin an otherwise nice trip if it makes you feel sick all the time – I often have that problem in holidays. But it never looked as ugly as the one in your pictures! 😯 😯

    I hope you’re better now and enjoy a lot of light and fresh eats at home!

  8. Hope you’re back to 100% health soon!

  9. Coco, so sorry to hear that the trip was less than stellar! Getting sick away from home is the worst. And I agree that the food looks less than appetizing. Eww…I hope you’re feeling better today! (((HUGS)))

  10. DiningAndDishing

    I hope you’re feeling better soon Coco! I know what you mean…it’s such a shame when vacation food leaves you feeling blah…

    – Beth @

  11. Oh my!!!
    My boyfriend is currently in Colombia (in Cali) and is loving it. He also mentioned the meat.. We will travel together through Costa Rica, Nicaragua and El Salvador soon and I really hope these countries aren’t that meat-heavy.

    But anyway, my BF once did a 1-weekend trip to Medellin and he got robbed there! So he wasn’t really that happy about this place either.. Sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy your trip!

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