My apartment building was on fire yesterday! New article here. 3 apartment units are completely destroyed, 5 injured and 120 fireman on scene.

Around 4:45PM I was talking by phone when I heard bell ringing, but I didn’t realize that it was fire alarm. I didn’t do anything until I approached the window and heard a lot of noise outside and burned stuffs falling from sky. Okay… I got it! the 9 or 10 floor was on FIRE. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

I was on Pajamas and flip-flop, but the desperation was such that I forgot it was 40F outside, I just grab my phone and went out.

When I went out I saw a lot of fire man working, unloading, glass everyone, people running around, and a guy yelling HELP! He was trapped!

More fireman arrived and entered the building, but the fire continued and started to spread to other units. More windows were breaking. Oh.. God! What are they doing? Why they are not pulling water from somewhere?

20 min later we finally saw water coming out from inside the apartments. And then we were told to leave the scene.

I was on Pj and flip-flops; no money; a borrowed jacket and nowhere to go. I’m glad I got my phone, I called Star and he was on his way.

Meanwhile I waited in a cafe with no coffee on hand because I had no money ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

1.5 hours later Star arrived, 1 hour later he left (he had a business dinner).

Then I went to the lobby of the building next to mine, where everyone else waited. There were pizza, snacks, drinks and blankets!

We were told we might get into the building around mid-night. Holy crap! That’s 3 hours more of waiting.

An hour later, more updates, more affected units. Thanks God mine is safe. But we can’t go back yet.

An hour later, we were told that we can’t go back until the next day. But they’ll reimburse us the hotel expense.

So… I finally got a bed to sleep at mid-night!

I’m thankful that nothing more serious happened.

I’m thankful to have Star nearby to come to rescue me.

I’m thankful that all fireman, red cross, leasing office people were sooooo kind to everyone and that women who lend me her jacket.




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13 responses to “FIRE!!!

  1. thedelicateplace

    omg coco are you ok? so scary! ::hugs::

  2. Oh no, Coco! What a scary experience! I’m glad you’re ok, and I hope everyone else also made it out safely.

  3. That’s so scary! Luckily, you made it out safely!!

    We had a fire in our home about 5 years ago, and we had to stay in a hotel for 3 months! I have some good memories from the hotel though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. omg, that’s pretty scary. thank god you’re fine.
    I would lose my mind if I was stuck outside, with my py’s ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Oh my gosh! That’s serious! Coco, I’m so glad you are ok. I would be terrified. Fire is something that scares me more than monsters under my bed, or sharks. Seriously. The one good thing is that at least you know the fire alarms work!!!
    Glad you are ok, Coco.

  6. Crap Coco! That is scary!!! I’m SO glad to hear you are OK and no one was seriously injured.

  7. Holy Crap! That’s like a seriously scary looking fire! Glad you’re alright!

  8. I’m so glad you are safe! That is really scary!

  9. Kath (Eating for Living)

    Oh my god, what a shock! I’m so glad you’re safe!

  10. Anita

    Wow that must have been so traumatic! D: Glad you made it out safely.

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  12. oh my gosh- I’m so glad you’re ok. How scary is that? Take care of yourself and treat yourself to something special this weekend!

  13. That is a horrible ordeal, glad you get out ok. And a reality check for all us apartment renters. Should we get renter’s insurance or not?

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