Step by step: red sauced pork 红烧肉

Sunday is a low key day. We spent half of the last 36 hours sleeping! 😯 Both Star and I were sleep deprived last week, so we were happy to catch up with sleep. 🙂  I did some cooking too. Because I like playing around the kitchen 😉 I wish I had a bigger house so I can have a gigantic kitchen, a bar, two dinning tables and enough space to put all my favorite kitchen-aids. CSN store is a good place to start to find all-you-need for home, for example kitchen bar stools.

Before the dream house comes to reality… I still manage to make delicious dishes at my tiny kitchen! 😉

Whenever I ask Star what he wants to eat, he’ll say: red sauced pork .

Whenever I want to impress someone, I’ll prepare red sauced pork.

I’m not exaggerating, but everyone who tried this dish loved it.

Today I’m going to show you step by step how to prepare it. It’s simple, it requires few ingredients, the only thing that you need is patience! 😀


Ingredients: 3 lbs of pork with a lot of FAT!!! Warning: this dish is not low-fat, so BE generous with it. When you buy the pork, ask for the most fatty cut.


chopped ginger, garlic and green onions


Optional: soy puffs


Step 1: heat 2 tbsp of oil and sautee pork for 2-3 min until lightly brown


take it out from the pan


Step 2: add 1-2 tbsp oil and sautee ginger/garlic/green onions for 2 min


Step 3: Add pork


add 2 tbsp of sugar, 3/4 cup of soy sauce and enough water to cover the meat


Step 4: cook covered  in high until it starts to boil, turn the heat to low and go away.


Step 5: Come back in an hour and add soy puffs if you’re adding. If not, wait another hour.


Step 6: Ready to serve.


All the fat is dissolved and only gel is left. It’s not greasy and it’s extremely tasty!!! 😆

Easy right? Okay. few more tips:

  • Cook in low heat is really important.
  • If you don’t have 2-2.5 hours, don’t intent to prepare it.
  • Add enough water at the beginning. Adding water later on is not recommended.
  • If you cook a big batch, it might take 3 hours. It’s ready when the fat becomes like a gel and the meat melts.
  • Sugar is mandatory.

Star’s favorite meal combo! 😆


Q: Do you have a dish that you’re proud of?



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3 responses to “Step by step: red sauced pork 红烧肉

  1. thedelicateplace

    that is some serious sleeping! glad you got some rest 🙂 fat is where the flavor is at i love it! i’m proud of this steak dish that we cook and also mint-pesto lamb chops so good!

  2. Sounds like you 2 needed some serious sleep catch up! Isn’t it nice to be able to have the time to do that sometimes? Just sleep as long as you want?

    For the pork recipe, does that water absorb or does it need to be drained? I’m thinking that meat sould be SO very tender!

  3. Sometimes a lot of sleep is necessary!

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