Day 2 & rambling

Day 2 of Petit Macro went well. I really enjoy savory breakfast. It satisfies more and makes me crave less sugar.


miso, tofu, shiitake mushroom and daikon soup


boiled cabbage and carrot with toasted sesame seeds


Packed lunch: apple + nuts + sandwich


The original recipe calls for sourdough because it is easier to digest, but I didn’t had any so I used Rudi’s spelt bread


spread was a tofu mayonnaise made with 1 tbsp olive, 1 tsp dijon mustard and 1 slice of silken tofu


The vegan mayonnaise was rich and slightly tangy. I like it.



steamed cauliflower with more tofu mayonnaise


a pickled salad of cucumber and radish in a sweet and sour sauce made with equal part of mirin and rice vinegar.


Hato mugi vegetable stew


Hago mugi is the best grain for improving the condition of your skin. It’s hard and has a slightly bitter taste, better cooked with sweet vegetables.

A very satisfying meal indeed. I didn’t need dessert or snack afterwards.


Totally unrelated rambling

We need to be thankful of everything we have. I know that. But sometimes it is hard to ignore the tiny part of life that is missing or I don’t like.

We need to love the person we are with just the way they are. It is impossible to change anyone, so do not ever try because failure is guaranteed.

Perfection does not exist. There is no perfect job, perfect person nor perfect life. I know that, but why do I keep looking just to realize over and over again that I’m just being stupid.

As we age, we become less emotional and more rational. It is good and bad. I don’t want to feel extremely depressed but I don’t want to feel nothing when something terrible happens either. Being excited about something for days seems ancient history and I’m not that old yet.

End of rambling. Ignore me. Don’t ask. I’m just feeling blue today. I know I’ll be fine.

Q: Do you care about weddings? Do you like wedding planning? I need to start thinking about my wedding but I have no clue. Any advise?


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7 responses to “Day 2 & rambling

  1. thedelicateplace

    i love weddings! they can be as simple or complicated as you make them. you have control to put as much or little preparation into it as you like. what’s most important on that day are that you are with the ones you love doing something you enjoy. it doesn’t have to be a big spectacle at all. in fact, the more intimate the better time most people will have!

  2. DiningAndDishing

    Oh yay, I didn’t realize you were going to have a formal wedding ceremony. How exciting! Can’t wait to see how your plans shape up :).

    – Beth @

  3. Awesome job on petit macro! That vegan mayo sounds delicious, I’d love to try it!

  4. The veg stew look so good, Coco!

    I do like weddings but would rather attend them than plan one!

  5. Love the looks of that pickled salad!
    I love weddings….just wish I would get engaged so I could plan one:)

  6. All your food looks soo healthy and soo good! Come cook for me! 😉

    As far as weddings go, I was never that girl that planned my wedding from day one, nor have I been married myself-so I can’t offer much help!

    But I can, however, offer moral support! Good luck! 🙂

  7. You are right. Sometimes we take too many things for granted. Sorry you’re feeling blue. I hope you feel better today. I think this weather tends to get depressing, with not as much sun and less time outdoors. Try to get outside today, you may feel better!

    I want to try tofu mayo. I’m wondering if it would give me stomach problems like tofu. It may be worth a try!

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