Panic attack & a new breakfast combo

I had a PANICK ATTACK this morning!!! 😯 A very serious one! I wanted to dig a hole and stay there for a week! 😯

The combination of hating clutter in my computer and being disorganized is almost an insurance to LOSE important files in important moments! 👿 I’m a week away from presenting my job market paper and I realized this morning that I mis-deleted some IMPORTANT files! :opss: I deleted them PERMANENTLY, even those that were in the backup disk! 👿 I really wanted to kill myself. I called Star crying… I text msg Maggie desperate, I even call a file-recovery company to see if there is any solution.

BUT…… I found the rescue…. I realized that I’ve sent a copy of all the files to myself like months ago! 😆



Now to the more happy note of this post. I made a new breakfast combo that I LOVE 😀


Ingredients: 1 medium yam, 1 fage 0%, 2 figs and homemade coconut butter


cut everything in bite size


stir the coconut butter. I added additional coconut oil to make it really smooth


assembled 😀


each bite is scrumptious!!!



Last night Savanna came to sleepover and we went for dinner to my new favorite restaurant in the neighbor


I had a oriental tofu and triple color slaw with a miso-ponzu sauce


served with bread


and Savanna had open faced sandwich with avocado and turkey (?)


We both enjoyed our meal but not satisfied 100% until we had this: Mini duo mousse



Delicious~~~~ Love the texture and the slightly bitter taste.

Finally… I need your help. Can you help me on organizing this cord-mess?


two cameras chargers, data cords, cellphone chargers and 3 laptops chargers. I don’t know how to organize them? How do you organize all these cords?


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9 responses to “Panic attack & a new breakfast combo

  1. thedelicateplace

    omg! sounds like quite the scare 😦 i am very happy to hear you found the files. i try very hard not to get overwhelmed when i do stuff like that and think clearly but it’s difficult! for your cords?

  2. Monica

    That restaurant food looks delicious! I love when sandwiches have fresh green avocado slices.

    I hate having clutter like with those cords, and they always seem to become a mess. I find that if you wrap them around your hand into an oval, slide it off your hand and then wrap a rubber band tightly around it, then just put them all into one basket/bin. Hopefully that works for ya (:

  3. Oh man, I’m so glad you had a backup!! I can definitely relate to that feeling of PANIC. Ugh. So awful.

    Your breakfast combo looks so amazing, and believe it or not….so does the tofu on the salad! I wish I could eat tofu, but I just can’t. I’m happy with my tempeh 🙂

    My cords are a mess too. I think they sell cord organizers at Staples.

  4. That mousse is like a work of art!!

  5. Kath (Eating for Living)

    Whew, thank goodness you’ve found those backups!

    I’ve never used yams (it looks like a sweet potato in the upper photo, but in the lower not anymore?!), but I know I can get it in the Asia store. How dou you use it? Did you use it raw for your breakfast? I thought it was a little like potatoes and you have to cook it before eating it.

  6. What a great breakfast parfait!!! But I’m sorry about the panic attack. Not fun. You must’ve been SO relieved when you realized you had sent them to yourself. PHEW! As for my cords, I organize them by hiding them. 🙂 I have an ottoman that we use as an end table and the lid comes off so all the chargers go in there. LOL

  7. So glad it all worked out!! You sounded so stressed 😦

  8. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about your panic attack! I’m glad it all worked out in the end though, that is so stressful.

    Wow, that breakfast looks like an amazing combination of flavors! Delicious!

  9. so glad you found your backup files! that is a super scary thing! that happened to me when writing my USB drive erased a whole chapter of my writing!

    hmm, i’m not sure what to do with cords. sometimes i keep them wrapped up in twisties in my desk, bu they always end up on the floor somehow!

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