Why weekends are so short?

I really don’t know how suddenly the weekend is already over? I have so many more things that I want to do with Star yet šŸ˜¦ Well…. I guess that means I was having GREAT time! šŸ˜‰ So no complains!

We started Sunday with an easy 10k (I haven’t run much since my last 1/2M and I have a 10k race next weekend… so I’d better be running ;)), Star did 5k (I convinced him to participate the 5k race ;)). I didn’t feel energetic, even a little of pain in my belly. I guess I’m not 100% recover from the sickness yet. So I run very slowly. It was good though. Star loved the trail. šŸ™‚

The original plan for breakfast was to make chinese style pancake. But when we were running back, we spotted this place and decided to go there instead.

Look where they put the menu šŸ˜Æ


the main star of this place is BREAD šŸ˜†


their lunch/dinner menu looks pretty good to me. I asked Star if we could go to have dinner there. He looked at the menu and said:” this looks too much like your kind of food.” “yes, that’s why I want to come.” I replied. Star: “why don’t you come with your blogger friends? ” “okay.” šŸ˜¦ But it’s true, I think I’d enjoy the food more if it’s shared with someone who also enjoy it as much as I do, like this lady šŸ˜‰


the place was really crowded and I went there around 10.30 AM, so we sat at the long big table with strangers šŸ˜‰


It wasn’t hard to me to decide what to order (although everything seemed tempting). We ordered an assorted bread basket that comes with butter, jams and nut butter.


I had cafe au lait and Star had orange juice



Star is not a bread lover so he just had 1/2 piece with butter and hazelnut butter.


and a french croissant



If I remember correctly, I had like 6 (or perhaps 7) pieces of bread, 2 with butter, 2 with jams and the rest plain. LOVE them ALL!!! Although nowadays I make my own breads, I still like to eat breads made by others, that’s what a real bread lover does, right? šŸ˜‰

We finished breakfast at 11.30 AM. That’s my kind of Sunday morning! šŸ˜† Then we went to did some errands and came home around 3PM. We thought about going out for lunch but we weren’t very hungry so I offered to make chinese pancake and he agreed. šŸ˜‰

For me… I made a colorful salad with ingredients that I bought at the farm: lettuce, tomatoes, figs and soft boiled egg


simple balsamic dressing




served with glutinous frozen corn steamed


and the chinese pancake for Star (tutorial will come shortly, Lisa)


with rice porridge


And then we spent the rest of the afternoon preparing the dinner for Star’s coworkers. 8 dishes + 1 soup


details to come šŸ™‚

Have a great start of the week! šŸ˜€

Q: What’s your favorite Sunday breakfast?


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7 responses to “Why weekends are so short?

  1. Ahh, I know! Weekends (especially super fun ones) always fly by šŸ˜¦ But at least they are good while they last.

    Favorite Sunday breakfast = I’m boring and just like cereal, haha.

  2. I like pancakes! I also like French toast and waffles. Growing up my dad would do pancakes on Saturday and alternate Sundays with French toast or waffles, depending on if he had stale bread (stale bread is perfect for French toast because it gets soaked and you can’t tell it’s stale).

    Can’t wait to go out with you next time I visit šŸ™‚

  3. thedelicateplace

    i was just about to ask for the chinese pancake recipe! my fave sunday breakfast is pancakes of some kind. yesterday i did spiced pumpkin golden flax cakes and they were amazing!

  4. I like to have French toast on Sundays! Yum!

    Those figs look killer!

  5. I wish weekends lasted longer too. šŸ™‚ Wow, that bread looks amazing and I love how it comes with hazelnut butter! That is another lovely spread of dishes for dinner, Coco!

  6. definitely looks like a blogger-friendly restaurant! that hazelnut butter (aka nutella?!) looks amazing.
    my fave weekend breakfast is pancakes or waffles. šŸ™‚

  7. Mm I bet I would love a restaurant where the main menu ingredient is bread!

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