A fun spinning class, A review & Easy chinese food

Yesterday I went to a spinning class at the gym that confirmed how fancy is my gym 😉 Have you heard of RealRyder? A spinning bike that moves? 😯 It is a spin bike that moves side to side, which mimics banking a turn on a road bike. Learning how to make the bike lean to left and right was a bit challenging but the true challenge is when you stand up and pedal while trying to keep the bike relatively centered. The side-to-side movement of the bike feels almost like riding on the road. I was working way harder than normal spinning class. In 45 min I was all sweat and could feel my abs and arms working a lot more. If you have a chance to try one, I highly recommend it. It’s a lot of fun! 😀

Breakfast was all GREEN 😀


a GM made with spinach, almond milk, frozen banana and GREEN MAGMA barley grass


I received this a while ago from Stephanie and finally remembered to try it 😉

Benefits of Green Magma:

•    Is made of organic barley grass powder that dissolves easily into water
•    Boosts energy levels
•    Enhances regularity
•    Improves skin, hair and nail condition
•    May have cardiovascular benefits
Recommended Use: Blend 2 teaspoons of Green Magma into 8 ounces of water or juice. Drink twice daily on an empty stomach for best results.

It does not have a strong taste like Amazing Grass, which is good because I prefer to have smoothies with the taste of the ingredients. In term of benefits? Sounds promising but I’ll have to let you know in about a month or so (if I can remember taking it everyday ;))


accompanied by two toasted homemade oat bread (I added the recipe) with avocado & LC.

Simple chinese food.

The chinese food that is served in restaurants is unhealthy and time consuming to prepare it. Furthermore, it’s not the real chinese food that chinese people eat at home. What we have then? Here’s an example of food that is healthy, simple and tasty 🙂

Chinese green bean and garlic (fresh garlic please!)


cut it by hand


neutral oil, minced garlic


Stir-fry for 1-2 min, add salt, 1/2 cup of water, cook covered at medium for 5 min and it’s done!


To make steamed egg I used 1 whole egg + 1 egg white, salt


hydrated dry scallops (optional)


For 1-2 eggs, add about 1/2 cup water, 1/2 tsp salt. Steam for 15 min






I don’t like plain white rice so I made a mix of black rice, rolled oats and some unripped kabocha



dinner was served in <20 min 😀

Q: Do you like chinese food? What’s your favorite dish?


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8 responses to “A fun spinning class, A review & Easy chinese food

  1. thedelicateplace

    i’m totally trying the egg steam trick! to be honest, i don’t think i’ve enjoyed proper chinese food (everything i’ve had in an american restaurant was laden with salt & super greasy. what you cooked looks delicious and i would most def. eat that!

  2. That bike looks amazing!!! Perfect for someone, for instance, that is training for an Ironman through the winter. I love it!

    As for me – I love Chinese food! I couldn’t come close to picking a favourite dish but lately I’ve been loving the siu mai at a Calgary Chinese restaurant we frequent. They’re plump and juicy. Lovely really!

  3. DiningAndDishing

    I did have authentic Chinese food once – with my friend’s Chinese college prof. It was such a good meal! Never been able to recreate it since…

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  4. i’ve never tried a spinning class; they really intimidate me! i wish you were here to go to one with me so i didn’t feel so overwhelmed! 🙂

    not surprising that US versions of Chinese food aren’t healthy! i think your meal looks a lot better!

  5. Chinese is not my favourite, but I’ve never had *real* Chinese. I’m sure I would like that much better!! Your steamed eggs always grab my attention…

  6. I LOVE spinning class! RealRyder sounds amazing, I wish my gym had it! Dinner looks delicious.

  7. Oh yes, I LOVE Chinese food! I would just have to make this without any garlic. So sad. I love all the veggies, eggs, fish, and tenders cuts of meat. It all just tastes so good in my opinion. And the crispy spring rolls I get at the place we go for dinner are SO GOOD! Not too greasy, just right.

    Have a great day Coco!

  8. I read about that bike in a magazine – it seems like lots of fun!!

    I’m honestly so unfamiliar with the Chinese cuisine as I’m not the biggest fan of oily food.. (which is the only thing they tend to serve at Chinese restaurants). However, I’ll happily try your dinner, it looks so good!! I’ve never made steamed egg before and it looks good.

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