Surprise surprise!!!

Look who came to visit me! My first blogger friend who became real life friend and  my first american friend Maggie!!! 😆 It was a totally spontaneous trip! We just set it up the night before and here she is!!! 😀

First thing that we did? Manicure & Pedicure session 😀



then we went for Malaysian food


we walked around Georgetown and stopped for a coffee


in front of Georgetown water fountain



and finish the day with Vietnamese Food! 😀


I love having her around!!! The more we talk, the more we realize how many things we share! I’m sooo happy this weekend because I have two favorite people around me! 😆

More later…


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7 responses to “Surprise surprise!!!

  1. YAAAAY!! Love seeing that you and Maggie got to hang out 🙂

  2. What a great weekend surprise!!! So much fun. And I love the colour of your toes, BTW! 😉

  3. what a nice surprise! glad you ladies had a great day, and hope you enjoy your time together. 🙂

  4. Lucky girl!! I think I know who the other visitor is 😉

    Enjoy all the fun company!

  5. thedelicateplace

    oh how fun! i love mani/pedis but i don’t think i’ve had one since 2007?! O.o

  6. What a great blogger meet-up! You girls sure started it off right with mani-pedis! Looks like it was tons of fun.

  7. Blogger meetups are the best! Hope you guys had lots of fun!

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