A “tragedy” & more beautiful food!

I have to run 12.3 miles without music!!!

this is the Parks Half Marathon rule

This is a tragedy!!! Seriously, I’ve never run without music. 😯 I was in panic when I read this.  But I told myself: You’d better start getting used to it from now on! So I run this morning only with the ipod (to track distance and speed), no headphones. To my surprise, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Obviously it wasn’t easy either. Maybe it was because my muscles are still stiff from the 10 miles, or because without music I could feel more my body. Overall, it was a relieve to know 3 weeks in advance and start training without music than realizing it at the race day.

Tips to run without music

  • Focus on your sense. Try people watching or smelling the roses or listening to the chatter of the city.
  • Concentrate on your breathing and rhythm.
  • Feel your body reaction to the movements. Pay attention to your form.
  • Allow your head to clear. Let your mind empty.
  • Run with a friend. Even if you don’t talk, the companion helps on long runs.

Q: Do you run with or without music?


Pre-fuel meal for the 10 miles was delicious, and the post run food was amazing too.

Breakfast: 2 Chinese “pizza” or 葱油饼


served with homemade soy bean and black bean milk


I went to Georgetown with a friend for lunch and movie (Salt). Look the line we found


guess was it for? Georgetown Cupcake!!!


isn’t it crazy? How good should be the cupcake for people to spend at 30-40 min to get it? I wonder…. 😯

We went to Hook


I like the placemat


and its open kitchen


For appetizer we order Tacklebox: 3 oysters, 3 clams, 6 mussels, 1 prawn, 1 jonah crab claw



it was just okay. For entree, both of us ordered grilled rockfish


it was very good. The fish was tender, the sauce slightly sweet and grilled fresh corns and green beans fresh~


The dessert menu was extensive and all sound very tempting. We couldn’t just pick one, so we chose two to share.

Creme Brulee tart with ice cream and chocolate & peanut bar



the contrast of warm tart and cold ice cream is so unique! 😀


Deep blue: Tea cake, blueberries sorbet and blueberries compote



Both desserts were pretty and scrumptious, satisfying my belly, my palate and my eyes! 😆

Oh… I miss the experience of eating out. It’s not just the food, but also the opportunity to try new food combination, the service, the relaxing environment and the visual pleasure that makes the whole experience so enjoyable~~~ 😀 I definitely should do it more often!

Q: What do you enjoy the most eating out?


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14 responses to “A “tragedy” & more beautiful food!

  1. I remember the first 5k I ran, years ago, and I was terrified about not being able to wear my discman (haha, discman!!). It ended up not being as hard as I had thought (like you said), but of course I still prefer music!!

    The first, prawns, mussels, and WONDERFUL desserts look amazing. I love eating out just because it’s an opportunity to try new foods, and be SERVED!

  2. It is really hard for me to run w/o music, too, especially in a race setting. It’s good that you’re practicing, though!

    Looks like a great dinner! Georgetown Cupcakes is crazy busy in your photo. Have you ever been there?!

  3. thedelicateplace

    that tea cake looks so gooooood! i ran my half marathon sans music and i ended up chatting to a girl who was running the same speed as me. we ran the whole race together except the last mile because she was slowing down too much. i said i’m sorry but i have to finish haha and said my goodbyes

  4. I don’t know if I could last that long running without some music! Yikes! I wonder why they won’t allow it??

    All that food looks great. Sounds like a lovely evening.

  5. lesouefsbrouilles

    wow is that for all races in your area!?

    anyways that rockfish looks sooo delish i’m so jealous!

  6. DiningAndDishing

    I didn’t know that headphones were banned – good to know! I usually don’t run with music anyway. At the gym I NEED my iPod but not when I’m outside…probably because I have the scenery to entertain me :).

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  7. Mouth watering dinning experience! is it DC restaurant week already?! beautiful pictures!

  8. I’ve def heard of Hook! It sounds like a fancy place, and the food looks awesome.

    I always listen to podcasts (not music) while I run, and I do tend to freak out if I don’t have my iPod…and then when I still run without it, I realize that I’ve always tuned out to the podcasts and daydreamed, anyway. ;-p

  9. I haven’t been running in awhile, but when I did I had to listen to something to get myself pumped up. But on the bike I don’t listen to anything for safety reasons. wow, that creme brulee looks like heaven. I love eating out for the entire experience, especially when it’s the whole package and you can ‘taste’ the quality and love that went into the food. Good luck with your 1/2 training!

  10. For me, running (or even working out in general) is much more fun with music, but you’ve given us some great tips here on running without music! The Chinese pizza looks fantastic!!

  11. good thing you have three weeks to prepare! That soymilk and black bean concoction sounds yummmmy. I love sweet dessert beans, like mung bean ice cream. yuuum

  12. seriously hate running without music but i managed to run a few days ago without it and it wasent too bad. but it definitely takes some getting used to. the first time i ran without music as a ‘trial run’ i was so slow and tired… but over time the traffic in the background sort of becomes ur music lol.. as strange as that is.. 🙂


  13. When I have to run without music I really just focus on my body and anything I’m feeling. Especially if I’m feeling pain. It’s helpful for me to focus on pain as opposed to ignoring it.

  14. A blonde behind the bar

    That’s horrible that you have to run without music!! My ipod died during my run earlier today and I thought I was going to die as well, haha!
    Good Luck,
    Samantha 🙂

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