Jump Start Breakfast & Pizza night

What would you do when you feel tired and sluggish to start the day? When I was a grad student, I’d take my morning slow, even take it off. But unfortunately when you have a job, you can’t do that. So, instead… I chose to jump start with a run and breakfast 😆

While I take a the shower, put the pre-made and freezed waffles in the kitty toaster 😉


I love my toaster, but this one looks pretty cool too


peach sliced topped with blueberries flaxmeal


voila~ a colorful breakfast ready in 5 min 😀


Waffles are in menu this week! 😀 Another combo that I like a lot is roasted kabocha with tahini inspired by the kabocha-tahini mousse that I made last weekend


simply with LC is also really good


love the freshness of strawberries



I was taking breakfast to office and didn’t really enjoy what I was eating… so now I’d rather arrive 10 min late and have a proper breakfast time 🙂 Everything tastes much better when you eat it slowly and consciously 😉

Last night I went to a happy hour with some friends and then to Vapiano. I like this place, it’s so convenient to go in groups because Vapiano has a system. Upon entering the establishment, each customer receives a card. Then you can order pasta at the pasta counter, pizza at the pizza counter and so on with the salads and sweets. You touch your card to the appropriate place on the counter when you order. Before exiting the building you hand in your card at the cash register at the bottom of the stairs and pay for what you’ve had. No splitting bills, no “hard” math test. 😉

I haven’t had pizza for a while and I know they have good pizza, so I opted Pizza Bruschetta, with fresh tomatoes, garlic, rocket salad, parmesan cheese and mozzarella. I didn’t bring my camera, so pic from google

great pizza indeed. The crust was not too thin, not too thick, crisp but not dry. The topping was simple, fresh and full of flavor. 😀

After a long and tough day of work, there’s no better way to unwind and relax with friends, beers and pizza 😆

Q1: What’s your favorite restaurant?

Q2: What’s your favorite pizza?

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11 responses to “Jump Start Breakfast & Pizza night

  1. The pizza looks great – what a neat concept for the restaurant. I love any of our local Greek restaurants. My favourite pizza = thin crust, tons of veggies, pineapple!

  2. Good for you for starting off your morning with exercise! 🙂

    My fave restaurant is probably North Star Cafe in Columbus, OH or Local Harvest Cafe in St. Louis. Great fresh food!

  3. DiningAndDishing

    My favorite restaurant is definitely Potenza! Fave pizza would have to be mushroom :).

    – Beth @ http://www.DiningAndDishing.com

  4. I agree, I love sitting down to a nice breakfast in the morning, even if it means I have to wake up about 10 minutes earlier. Eating it on the run is just not the same! Your breakfast looks/sounds fantastic. I haven’t had waffles in months!

    I like thin crust pizza, with lots of sauce and veggies. The bruschetta pizza looks great. Glad you had fun at happy hour!! You’re such a social butterfly lately. That’s great!

  5. lesouefsbrouilles

    hello kitty toaster is hella cute!

  6. Mmm I love peaches with flax!

  7. I only like thin crust pizza. I like unusual toppings like potatoes and brie cheese.

    Have a great weekend!

  8. nice run! I always make sure to get up early enough to have time to sit down and eat my breakfast. It’s not worth eating on the run!

  9. waffles and pizza!!! you definitely know how to treat your body good, girl!! ❤ NOM NOM NOM this look incredible!

    have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  10. What a GREAT way to start a day!!! What is it that you use to track your runs? I love the little graph you’ve been downloading!! And that breakfast…OH MY! Looks lush and totally worth being late to work for. And yes, that is one cool looking toaster… 😉

  11. I love your hello kitty toaster! I almost bought that one time!!

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