Solving an issue to move on

Yesterday was not a good day. Although I started the day with a 5 miles run preparing mentally to face an important meeting that I was going to have. As I run, I practiced my speech and tried to calm the nerves down. I was confident, not afraid of any possible resolution of the issue. However, when the moment came, breath accelerated, heart pumped faster and my mind went blank. The best speech is always the sincere one, the one that you express your true feelings and concerns, the one that invites the other person to fit in your shoes. I wouldn’t say the issue is resolved but the meeting was successful. I did my best and that’s the most important thing. Realizing that sometimes things need to have A resolution, not the best, not the most beneficial, in order to move on, in order to feel no regrets in the future was liberating. 🙂

* * *

I might host a warming party at home. I need ideas to prepare an EASY dinner party! Ideas?



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5 responses to “Solving an issue to move on

  1. melissa @ the delicate place

    i like the post today and i needed to hear that as well (SLOW DOWN 🙂 good ideas for easy dinner party items…use fresh produce as much as possible! 1. tomato, basil and fresh mozzarella slices
    2. raw veggies with a tahini dipping sauce or peanut
    3. fruit slices or stuffed medjool dates with nut butter
    4. family style cooked or grilled veggies OR a huge colorful salad
    5. grilled meat is always easy or make your own kebabs!

  2. Speaking in front of people always makes me nervous!!

  3. congrats! I feel everything you do , you will be successful! (at least read from your blog :-))

    u r almost like a role model….running every day! what a great exercise habit! I am kind of lacking motivation, because u r not here any more! haha

  4. TRUST THE PROCESS ❤ love that!!

    oh dinner parties can be a blast. sampler plates are always best, even like a tapa set-up with burger sliders! and refreshing pasta salads, hmmm any grilled fish is great too with some toasted nuts or creamy sauce. gazpacho rocks too! so many options 🙂

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