A tattoo and some eats


IMG_1012.JPG IMG_1015.JPG

like it? shocked? ehhhhhh……. it’s FAKE! 😉 It’s just like makeup, it can be washed out! 😉 I’m too coward to get a real one… I just got a bunch of fake ones! So, you’ll see more of these! 😉

Yesterday morning I went to a yoga flow 1.5 class. It was a great! We didn’t do any acrobatic kind of poses, but each pose was well guided and did it in a new way for me. Because of recent running…. my muscles are tighter than usual, so a intense stretching class was just what I needed 😉

Since I either run or do yoga in the mornings, I don’t have time for a proper breakfast at home. Smoothies are handy. 😉 Yesterday combo was: spinach, silken tofu, frozen banana, almond breeze and chia seeds.


and sandwiches are convenient too.


filling: spinach, tomatoes, LC and microwaved egg.

This breakfast combo hold me for HOURS!!!! 😀

I prepared a proper dinner (rare in these days) to reward a long day of work (I’m a workaholic not by choice… working +10 hours a day 😦 is not fun)

I prepared chinese style steamed fish


the fish and the seasoning: cooking wine, soy sauce, salt and sugar


also some fresh ginger and green onions. All together put in the steamer for about 15 min



ready~ 😀


side dish 1: korean cucumber and sprout salad


sauteed greens with garlic


all with oatmeal (I’m too lazy to cook rice)


Voila~ A homemade dinner a la chinese! 😀

Okay… need to run… 4 miles today! 🙂

Q: How do you unwind after a long day of work?



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7 responses to “A tattoo and some eats

  1. Love the tattoo! Don’t get a real one, I think the fake ones look just fine 🙂
    Your sandwich looks awesome, and so does that fish! Skin on fish sort of creeps me out, but I think I could still eat it and get over it!

    I unwind by blogging, fixing a nice dinner, and relaxing with Nick by splitting a beer, watching TV, or playing a board game! Nick always wins.

  2. You definitely got me…you’re the last person I thought would ever get a tattoo (not that they are bad or anything, you just aren’t compulsive like that. 🙂 )

    I relax by listening to music and running!

  3. Well that fake tattoo looks lovely on you :).

    And your dinner looks so.. Asian! I wish I had the time to cook a proper Japanese dinner once in a while.

    Well I unwind by cooking a nice dinner, followed by some reading or DVD watching.

  4. Love the oatmeal instead of rice for dinner, yum! I hate long work days too, sigh.

  5. I didn’t realize how much I missed your Asian meals until I read this post! Delish! Cool tat, too. I have 2 real ones! Hehe…

  6. star

    what you cooked looks has better presentation than that I cooked. I understand I need to improve my cook skill……:)

  7. Ahh I was like woah you got a tattoo. I am so jealous! I kind of want to get one but im a little nervous so i probably wont ever.

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