New into running

I’m a newbie in running. I started running outdoor in January (freezing), but to my surprise I found it fun. Then, I started to run more, maybe once or twice a week, 2-3 miles. I was hesitant to run more because I used to be the one who “judges” runners like those who just run to lose weight or eat more. I just didn’t get it! But each time that I run, I find my mind peaceful and clear; I find myself feeling glorious after the shower; every time that I run a little longer, it seems I’ve conquered a war. These feelings bring me back into running and I like it more and more. However, I was still not convinced if I have to take it seriously or not. I wasn’t sure if I should run races. My first 5k was good but not challenging because I was running more than 5k already. By April I was running 2-3 times a week, the longer run was +7 miles, but when I went to Shanghai for vacation, I took complete hiatus in running. I could have run in treadmill… but it wasn’t fun and I didn’t want to run just for the sake of running. I thought I was done with running when I came back and I’d go back to my normal workout routine (spinning, yoga and walking). I was wrong. I wanted to run. I miss those feelings that only running can give me. So, I put my running shoes again and just run without over analyzing it! Marvelous sensations are back. Then I decided to follow to flow and listen to my heart. If I want to run, I’ll run! If it proves I was wrong about runners, then admit it!

I signed up for 10k last week. I started to follow a training plan for half marathon. No no… I’m not running one any time soon, but I want to follow a running schedule to not over do it. Sometimes when runner’s high kicks in… I just keep going and I know too much too soon is not good.  I’ll keep writing about this running journey. It’s a totally new for me and I’m really excited. 🙂

Some tips that I found useful

How to avoid injuries:

  • Do NOT overtrain. Many running injuries are a result of too much intensity, too many miles and too soon. It’s important to go easy when adding mileage or intensity to your training. You shouldn’t increase your weekly mileage by more than 10% each week.
  • Invest in a good pair of shoes. Be sure that your shoes aren’t worn out and that you have the right model for your feet and running style. The wrong shoe can actually aggravate existing problems, causing pain in your feet, legs, knees or hips.
  • Run in right surface. Ideally, you want the ground to absorb shock, rather than passing it along to your legs. Avoid concrete as much as possible.
  • Stretch. It is extremely important to stretch before and after to warm the muscle and to avoid injuries. How? check out these.

Other important tips:

Drink enough. Runners need to pay attention to what and how much they’re drinking before, during and after exercise. Here are some simple rules for drinking and running:

  • An hour before you start your run, try to drink 16 to 24 ounces.
  • You should take in 6 to 8 ounces of fluid every 20 minutes during your runs. During longer workouts (90 minutes or more), include a sports drink (like Gatorade) to replace lost sodium and other minerals.
  • Drink after your run. You should drink 20 to 24 fl oz. of water for every pound lost. If your urine is dark yellow after your run, you need to keep rehydrating. It should be a light lemonade color.

and finally good fuel. Green Monster is back!!! 😆


I started to add chia-seed into it



IMG_7777.JPG \


isn’t it beautiful? 😉


and it tastes great too! 😀

Q: What’s your thoughts about running/runners?


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    5 responses to “New into running

    1. I am amazed at what a kind group of people exist in the running world. I think this holds true for the majority of people I have met.

      Running is definitely my passion and it’s like you said…seeing that constant improvement!!

      To answer your cross training question, HECK YA yoga is cross training. It can be seriously tough and is so great for runners.

    2. I used to force myself to run even when I didn’t want to and ended up hating it. Now, I only run if I feel like it. I’ve learned that walking on an incline and using the elliptical are easier on my joints and therefore, more enjoyable!

    3. I wish I could run, but my body hates it when I do. I get really sore feet and plantar warts. Gross, right? I still do it sometimes, when I really feel into it. Like you said, it really makes me feel good! Lately I’ve been more into power walking though, and my body is much more receptive to power walking, so I prefer it.

      Great tips! The “buy good shoes” tip is the most important, in my opinion.

    4. I love the running tips, I am totally going to adapt them to when I begin to run more 🙂 And your smoothie looks beautiful. I hit a wall with my green smoothies, i havent been craving them lately but yours looks so yummy!

      I cant wait until I can run longer distances!

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