A feast with friends & thoughts about friendship

Another wonderful weekend is over! I felt it passed so fast that I couldn’t savor it fully! I guess this is a sign that I’m having a lot of fun! 😉 On Saturday evening,  a new friend invited me to his apartment for dinner. I wasn’t expected too much, but when I arrived… a table of amazing dishes were ready! He spent the whole day cooking!!! 😆 Wooo!!!  A guy cooking a whole day for his friends!!! That’s wonderful, isn’t it? 😉




chinese stir-fry shrimp


steamed lobster! I have 3/4 of it!!! 😯


eh… I don’t know how they’re called 😦 but it’s a typical dish in china.


fish cooked with chinese pickles


korean dish: kimchi with tofu


not very pretty but definitely delicious chicken


the chinese group and there were also a italian and a german guy, a brazilian and a lebanese girl! such an international group!


we drink a lot! red wine, white wine and korean rice wine, from 7 to 12! 😯


* * *

Meeting new friends is my weakness. I’m confident in many arenas of life, but friendship is not one of them. I feel insecure with new and old friends. With new ones, I’m afraid that I’m not nice and interesting enough to carry a good conversion, therefore to make them like me. With old ones, I’m afraid of not doing enough to consolidate the friendship. But recent years (since I moved to US) I noticed some changes. Even Star notices that too. I’ve became more open, more willing to meet new people and find each of them interesting in some extend. I also learned that you can’t make everyone likes you and you have to accept this. And finally when a friend is not behaving like a real friend to you anymore, no matter how much you want it to work, you NEED to let it go. It doesn’t mean you don’t do your best to keep it, but when you’ve done enough, it’s ENOUGH, forcing any relationship is harmful.

“Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps between geography and lifestyle because the older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.”
A brilliant quote from Mary Schmich

Have a nice Monday! 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll post about running.


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6 responses to “A feast with friends & thoughts about friendship

  1. What an amazing meal! Looks like a ton of fun!
    I’m always a little worried about making new friends too. I have this strange feeling that they’ll learn all the weird things about me (i.e. I take pictures of food) and not want to be my friends. But I’ve realized that everyone has their quirks.
    I think you seem like a great friend to have!

  2. What a fun meal! The kimchi dish looks especially good.

  3. i love lobster but it’s soooo hard to get out I rarely bother with it.

    love the quote about friends, it’s so true

  4. I’m so glad you are having fun and enjoying yourself again. Remember the funk you were in a while ago? It’s gone, and I’m so happy for you 🙂 This meal looks amazing, especially the lobster and kimchi! He went all out. Amazing.

    I sometimes feel intimidated about making new friends, but the key is to be yourself. IF you can’t be yourself around someone, they aren’t worth being your friend anyway…right?! They have to like you for who you are.

  5. Epic meal. I love Chinese pickles – I used to have a neighbor in New York who would trade me jars of the homemade version in exchange for a little garden work on my end.
    Making new friends still causes me anxiety, especially in the moments and hours leading up to events or situations where I might need to be social. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m somewhat of a loner, and that’s ok; the friends that I do have are very, very close, and I feel blessed to have connections – I’m willing to build more, with intention, but I never want to force myself into accumulating acquaintances.

  6. What a wonderful spread of food! Amazing!

    I’ve always believed that we have some friends for life and some only for short periods of time. Either way, there is always something to learn from any relationship, no? 🙂

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