I want to believe


I want to believe

…. that you can be positive even when it’s not in your nature

… that right now it might feel easier to hold on, but in the long run you’ll be oh so glad you let go.

… that you don’t need to try everything to know what you are looking for

… that good things come at the end even though it might take a while

… that you are the master of your happiness, no one can help you or destroy that

… that our best lessons come from our hardest moments

… that you shouldn’t measure your day’s worth by what you did, but by how you did it.


I’ve been reading inspirational blogs recently and they really cheer up my spirit, not that I feel low, just too busy to feel it, so it’s good that someone to remind me to take a break and communicate with the emotions. I might do more of these posts to record what inspires me at the moment. 🙂



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4 responses to “I want to believe

  1. This is so inspiring Coco! My favorite line is the last line that says you should measure your day’s worth not by what you did but by how you did it…so true!

    I love that picture too!

  2. That is really inspiring 🙂 Definitely just brightened my day!

  3. These are some great quotes, Coco. Thanks for posting them!!

  4. I love this. Thanks for sharing Coco.

    These are like the little quotes of inspiration found on Dove Chocolate!

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