Woman in the news. Wooo!!

That was my reaction when my friend send me an article that was in Argentinean’s most important newspaper yesterday! My name appeared here!!! 😯  How that happened????? Well… that article was written by my co-author and he mentioned our latest work. But the surprise didn’t stop there. I entered my name in google, searched for news and I found more news with my name in it! Korea Times, Brazilian website , chinese blog and US website!!! 😯 It was just OVERWHELMING!!!

I couldn’t hide my excitement and began to call my friends and family! I was shocked, shocked by happiness!!! 😆 And what made me the happiest is the way I knew about it. It was sent by the parents of my best friend (who’s in the program too) from ARgentina, they even sent me an email to congrats me!!! That was soooo sweet and kind! I can’t express how much that act made me happy, even more than the news thing itself. You know, jealousy is in human nature, I’m skeptical and pessimist about people sometimes, so I wouldn’t expect them to be truly happy for me, but they did and I can feel their sincerity. 😀 I’m so thankful to achieve this little success, and even more when I have friends who are truly happy for my success. That’s so valuable!

But at night, after the hype I entered in doubt. Maybe I shouldn’t spread the words to everyone I know, because not everyone will be happy for me, they might think I’m showing off myself, they might be jealous or simply they might not feel so happy about it. Let’s face the truth, not everyone is generous, kind and be really happy for others’ success. I probably should only share my happiness/success with my closest family and friends.

Q: What do you think? Should I tell to everyone? or should I reserve it to closest friends and families?


Back to normal posting! food and groceries! 😉

After days of eating out, I craved simple meals like this oatmeal cooked with soy milk, flaxmeal, topped with apricot preserve and more flaxmeal.


Stir-fry green tea noodle with greens, black fungus, tofu and shitake


loading up in groceries!!









Maybe I overdid a little bit, that is a lot of food! But I need more energy these days, I’m defending my thesis proposal in 10 days! 😀

Used homemade pizza crust that I had in the freezer, topped with broccoli, roasted peppers and cheese


served with a salad with balsamic + olive dressing





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17 responses to “Woman in the news. Wooo!!

  1. Congratulations!!! That’s super exciting!! I think you should tell anyone you want to tell 🙂 I understand that people get jealous but those people don’t really matter. Everyone who loves you will be very pleased and excited for you!

  2. haha, don’t hesitate to share this good news, its your success, if they are your true friend, they should say BIG CONGRATS! that’s really something for a new scholar!

  3. I say shout it from the rooftops!!! You’re on top of your game and deserve to celebrate!!!! A massive congratulations to you Coco!!!!! 

  4. That’s fantastic news congratulations!!! You should definitely tell everyone though I guess they already know how awesome you are ;).
    Your groceries look great too – for some reason I always love seeing what people buy :).

  5. my best advice would to tell the people you KNOW will be happy for you. stay humble to the others. i think most will be proud like we are .. but yes listen to your gut when it comes to certain people.. xo

  6. Congratulations! Tell everyone,be proud of yourself! You are happy, show it to the world 🙂

  7. Congrats love!!! What amazing news and you should be proud and share with whoever you want!!! U will always have people that are jealous, you cant worry about that!!!!

    Love ya and missed ya!! I was away!

  8. Congratulations on being in the news, and your work successes! That’s fantastic– I think you should share it with as many people as you like, and try not worry about how each person reacts. Those people that really care about you will certainly be happy to hear about it!

  9. You can’t go wrong with sharing news with the people you love!! I probably would share with just closest friends and family because I know they would be happy, proud, excited for me. I’m SOOOOO proud of you CoCo!!! I went to read the chinese blog link and the US site link you posted. You’re such a big shot now!! Congratualations on all your success. You earned it my dear!! Don’t forget how much hard work, time, and effort you put into this. 🙂 Gosh your oats look fantastic. I love simple oatmeal after a weekend long of indulgent eats too!!

  10. COCO! This is great news and I am so happy for you!!! YAY!!!

    All your groceries make me happy, too. I love how you always buy such a wide array of food for yourself.

  11. That’s awesome being mentioned in the news. I work in Banking so I actually found the article kind of interesting.

  12. Love the looks of that pizza–plenty of broccoli!

  13. congrats! that is so exciting!!!

  14. A HUGE congrats, Coco!! That is so exciting! I think you should be very proud of yourself…I’d tell everyone. 🙂 Your pizza looks so yummy!

  15. congrats! ha, you are excited I can tell 🙂

    I need to make my own pizza because I have been to california pizza kitchen TWICE in one week, I almost caved in today! ahhh. yours look delicious!

  16. If people are jealous, jeez…what?! Who cares, I’d shout it to the world! haha! I saw your news on Google Buzz…Hee! Congrats, dear Coco!

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