The Big day!

Today is going to be a date to mark: My Professional Debut!

It’s 4.40AM


and I am revising the presentation 😯 in my hotel bed


Don’t let me start to describe my feeling now…. I don’t want to think/feel about it!

Let’s rewind to 24 hours ago. Yesterday I started my day with a 7.8km run, 38 min, 8.01min/mile. It was GLORIOUS! 😆

sweaty/showed 😉

IMG_0632.JPG IMG_0636.JPG

a nutritious breakkie: puffed egg (1 whole egg beaten + 1 tbsp water)


toasted Bagel thins + LC


sliced pear + almond butter


white fungus



love egg sammie! 😉


oh… look who’s in the news? My co-authored and co-presenter today! 😉

Okay. I’m tired and sleepy now 😦 I’d better lay down for an hour or so before the presentation (9AM)! I need to recharge!!

Wish me luck!!! 😀


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14 responses to “The Big day!

  1. You’ll do great girl, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you 😉
    Good luck!

  2. oh that breakfast sandwich looks delicious! good luck!

  3. Good luck!!! You’ll do great 🙂

  4. You’re not from this world! 8 minute miles and super cool business woman at once?
    You must have superpowers or something.. 😉
    Good luck today!

  5. ahhh good luck coco!! you’re going to rock the presentation! 😀

  6. Anita

    Good luck on your presentation!

    Your co-authors are rock stars in academia, pretty cool! :0)

  7. Good luck- you will do awesome!!!!

  8. Good luck! 🙂

    Egg sammie looks soooooo good–love the toasty edges!

  9. Beautiful egg sammie. Good luck today!

  10. oh man!!! Good luck!!! you are a really star now. 7.8 miles to start a day! I really hope I can do it and stay up for the whole day! 😀
    the egg sammie looks REALLY tasty. did u make the bagel ? did I miss that post again???!! haha
    great weekend !!!

  11. OMG! yummy breakfast idea!

    haha i get super sweaty after my runs too. 7.8 miles is awesome 🙂

    i truly love your blog/ your posts. mind if i add you to my new blog? xoxo


  12. I’m behind in my blog reading!! I hope your presentaion went well, Coco!!!!

  13. Hope it went well!!

    Your egg sammie looks yummy. What’s white fungus?!


  14. I know by now you are finished with your presentation, and I’m sure you did FANTASTIC!!! I can’t believe it, you were presenting with that guy on the front page?? That’s big stuff! You’re famous!! 🙂 Congrats on your professional debut, and I hope that white fungus helped you out a bit 😉

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