A life experience!

This post is self-served! Not a foodie post.

There are too many things/people/ideas/theories/discussions to “digest”!!! I’m overwhelmed.

Our Presentation went EXTREMELY well, discussants and the rest of the audience received it very well and were really nice to us. In a normal conference, there is at least one ugly or unfriendly question about the presenter’s work to show off, but we got none! Although the presentation part was short, just 20 min, split between my co-author and I, that 10 min was a life experience for me. I had the biggest figures in Economics, both in policy and academia like Robert Hall, Kiyotaki, Daron Acemoglu, Mark Watson, John Taylor, Gregory Mankiw, Julio Rotemberg, Robert Barro, Robert Gordon, Lawrence Christiano, Frederic Mishkin, Jordi Gali, Michael Woodford in my audience. I had them listen to me for 10 min, an opportunity that I’d never had (and maybe probably won’t never have again) if it was not because of my co-authors Carmen and Ken. I wasn’t nervous at first, but just a minute before it was time for Ken to pass the microphone to me, I was shocked, I finally realized what I was about to do. 😯 But I didn’t give myself time to react,  I suppressed the feeling for that 10 min, said what I had to say and it was over. The second challenge was the last minute of the presentation, when two discussants discussed our paper for 20 min each and then 30 min for Q&A. While Carmen was answering questions/comments, Ken passed me a paper saying “I think you should say something too, it’s good for your image”. My first reaction was NO, I can’t handle it more. But I replied “OK!”. I gathered the remaining courage and did the conclusion at the end! I was feeling UP-in the AIR! 😀

Unique life experience indeed. Even if in the future I end up doing something not related to economics, I can proudly say my career as an economist had a glorious peak! 🙂

My speaker look at 8AM


And exhausted at 3PM!


I laid down for an hour before reunited with my co-authors for post-presentation discussion and then the formal dinner event! 😀

It has been a long day but certainly a DAY TO BE REMEMBERED! 😀



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9 responses to “A life experience!

  1. yay for a great presentation!

  2. Congratulations! I’m so glad to hear your presentation went well!

  3. congratulations on a SUPERB presentation!! what an amazing experience that you’ll never forget and will always be proud of! you worked hard for it! 😀

  4. CONGRATS, Coco! I’m thrilled to hear that everything went well!!! Rest up, now! 🙂

  5. CONGRATS!! Another presentation success 🙂 I hope you celebrate a bit today!!

  6. Aw congrats Coco! That is awesome – I know what you mean about ALWAYS having audience members ask rude or controversial questions (happens at pretty much every medical presentation I’ve been to!) so you guys must have rocked it to have none!!

  7. wow big day. congrats tho!

  8. awesome, coco, just great! congrats to you!

  9. frap

    Hi! I just started reading your blog and I really like it! I happen to be an economist, too (I just finished my Ph.D. a few months ago). Wow, presenting at the NBER meeting in front of those people….. I would have been so nervous!!! I’m happy everything went great, congrats!!!

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