J&J #19, first 10k & destiny

Okay, it’s official! I’ve completed the first 10k in my life!!! 😆 Here’s the route map (I saw it in someone’s blog, can’t remember who was), it’s cool, isn’t it?


okay. before you ask, am I training for a race? NO!!! Am I running everyday or so? NO! I just run for fun, mostly spontaneous decision to have a mental giveaway, to enjoy the weather, to be more outdoor. 🙂 I am really enjoying this! oh… and I think I’m doing well too. The last time I talked to my guy friends (one of them run races), I told him that I’d do 8 km in 40 min, he was amazed! Yesterday, I did 10k in 50 min. Not bad right? I might actually run for a race, again JUST FOR FUN! 😆

Destiny? Yes, yesterday two things happened.

#1 remember my car accident last year? yesterday the agent called me to let me know that she’ll send me a check with additional $1500 as compensation for …. (I can’t even remember). A normal person would get excited for the extra $$. But I wasn’t excited at all, not for a second! 😯 $$ seems to be just a number for me. I know that it can “buy” some happiness, but.. no excitement was my first natural reaction.

#2 I went to a conference and when the speaker showed puzzles (about the economy)? I was illuminated!!! My blood flew faster, my HR got up, I could felt excitement in me, EVERYWHERE!

So, my destiny is to do RESEARCH and NOT BUSINESS! 😉


J&J #19 @Eat Clean Cookbook: egg strata


Ingredients: mustard, S+P, italian seasoning, soy sauce, olive oil, minced garlic


mozzarella, chicken breast (grounded), egg white, onion, soy milk, egg, bread



  • cook grounded chicken with olive oil, garlic and italian seasoning, S+P
  • in a bowl mix: 1/2 cup egg white + 1 whole egg + 1/2 cup soy milk + soy sauce + mustard
  • bread as the bottom later, cooked chicken second and top with chopped onion and the cheese. Pour the liquid, cover with foil and freeze overnight.
  • next day: bake for 1 hour at 350F.




It’s a protein powerhouse, and tasty too! 🙂

Q1: Have you found your (professional) destiny?

Q2: If you’re a runner, why you started running?

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Chobani @The Candid RD


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14 responses to “J&J #19, first 10k & destiny

  1. Wow! That’s great that you did your own 10k! In my opinion, it’s even greater that you know what your calling is! I’m still trying to figure that out.

  2. thedelicateplace

    I am a runner though I’ve cut back considerably to do yoga and strength training! I used to run 20-35mpw! My longest race is the half marathon & I finished in 1hr 54mins 12s 😀 in the mountains so I’m please enough not to do it again haha. I only run 2x a week now and I’m much happier!

  3. wow! for a casual runner, you’re FAST!! good for you!! and it’s so awesome that you found your calling – i’m still searching. hopefully i’ll find it soon, though… i need to start my “career” asap!

    i started running 1.5 years ago after reading healthy living blogs for a while. i had never been a “runner” before, and actually had to walk most of the mile test in gym class. so i wanted to see what all the hype was about, with all of these people running 3, 5, 10 miles a day. it was a good challenge for me, not having an athletic background, and i’m still running now! but i’m not nearly as fast as you! woooo!

  4. i just run for fun, as well! hey i just looked and didnt have the post from you, but i checked my junk mail and there it was!!! i am glad you said something! i have saved it in my guest post file and will be posting it later this month on a thursday. thank you so much! the egg dish looks so yummy and healthy!!

  5. Umm you totally kicked my 10K time and I was in an actual race! Congrats! That is an awesome accomplishment!

  6. lesouefsbrouilles

    i run for the feeling. it makes me feel infinite =)

  7. I love how you wrote the route out on your hand!

    I’ve never really been interested in a profession. Work to me is just a job I go to everyday to be able to pay the bills. When I leave the office, I don’t think about it until I go back.

  8. It looks great. I don’t eat chicken but will try it out with beef or lamb.

  9. 10K is awesome, Coco! I’ve only done it once in my life. You should be proud 🙂

    I am still working on carving out my career destiny 🙂 I think I’m onto something, though 😉 Speaking of which, THANK YOU for visiting my new blog!

  10. I started running as the result of a gift actually–my sister got me a Nike+ for my iPod, so I decided to give it a try one day…the rest is history!

  11. 10k in 50 min is fast!!!! Runner fast!!!! Maybe you have a knack for running! Congrats!!! 

  12. Sounds like you’re a really fast runner, Coco! Oooh, that egg strata looks delicious…I’ll have to try it this weekend!

  13. Sounds like you’re a speedy runner, Coco! So funny how different people are passionate about different things. I’m the same way with research. 🙂

    I started running more when I retired from gymnastics to keep in shape. Now it’s a great stress reliever!

    I’m passionate about nutrition and communicating the latest research in ways everyone can understand.

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