A review & A giveaway!

As I mentioned yesterday, Namaste Foods was graciously sent me two packages of their mix for review.

They are a small manufacturer of fine foods that contain no wheat, gluten, corn, soy, potato, dairy, casein or nuts.

What does Namaste mean?

The word “Namaste” (pronounced “Naa-Maa-Stay”) is an ancient Sanskrit word with no literal translation. After many hours reviewing all the different translations, we decided we like this one the best.

“The Spirit within me honors and respects the Spirit within you.”

The word “Spirit” in this context has no particular religious connotation. You could substitute the word “Heart” or “Soul” if you like. The essence of the phrase is simply that the best part of me wishes you well. And we do wish you well. In seeking to offer you delicious allergen-free foods, we nourish the body. In nourishing the body, we hope to help nourish the mind and the spirit so you can enjoy optimum health.

I love its philosophy 🙂

In February of this year marks the 10-year anniversary of Namaste Foods. The owner shared the story of how the company was founded, I was touched by the story so I’d like to share with you (it’s not in its website)

“It was in the fall of 1999 that a friend approached me desperate for help in creating good gluten free and allergen free foods for herself and her son. She was frustrated at the lack of good food available to them. In my family, good food was essential – it brought friends and family together for the best of times and nurtured the soul. I couldn’t imagine missing out on one of the best things in life -good food. While I was unfamiliar with Celiac Disease at that time, i knew i loved to cook and could never resist helping a friend. So, I rolled up my sleeves and went to work. This challenge was particularly perplexing as any creation must not only be free of gluten but also free of corn, soy, potato, diary, casein, peanuts and tree nuts in order to meet my friend’s dietary restrictions. “

Waffle & Pancake Mix



Ingredients: 2 egg whites, 1/3 cup silk, 1/3 cup pancake mix


heat the grill


I used HEAB method for the pancakes. Beat egg whites until stiff


add the pancake mix



add Earth Balance to the grill (not recommended)



and you see why EB is not recommended


for the second batch, I used oil spray

for the sauce: 3 tbsp silk + 1 tbsp almond butter




final product






Coco’s review: It is scrumptious!!! It’s my first time trying gluten free products. It’s absolutely fabulous in term of texture and taste! Although it’s sugar free and I didn’t add any kind of sweetener, it has a sweet taste from the vanilla (I guess). 😀 I’ll definitely trying more gluten free products if they’re all that good! 😀 Rating5/5.

I think I’ll have pancakes every saturday, it makes me so happy! 😆

Bread Mix

To make the bread, just add 1/3 cup oil, 3 egg whites and 1 egg. The package comes with the bread mix and a packet of yeast.

Put everything to the bread machine and select dough cycle

when it’s done, take it out, put in a surface with cornmeal and let it rest for 90 min. The dough was really really sticky!!!  It was hard to manage so I didn’t touch it much, just let it sit.

90 min later, the dough was still sticky, so I just baked 1/2 of it and freeze the other half to see if that helps.

Used the Artisan Bread Five Minutes a Day Method for baking. 25 min later! Done! 😀

The texture and taste are different than wheat bread. It’s dense, chewy, slightly sweet, between cake and bread, really good! It totally deserves 5/5! 😀

Wanna try  Namaste products? Here’s the chance to win this:

Ways to participate (US. residents only)

1) Go to the Namaste Foods website and let me know which product you would like to try!

2) Link back to this giveaway on your blog

3) Tweet this giveaway.

4) Add me to your blogroll.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

Giveaway ends Friday, April 9th, 2010 9PM Eastern Time


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47 responses to “A review & A giveaway!

  1. Ivanna

    I’d love to try the Namaste Blondie mix–I love blondies even better than brownies!

  2. Ivanna

    Tweeted the giveaway!

  3. Ivanna

    And of course, you are already a part of my google reader! Thanks!

  4. Great reviews, Coco. I’ll be on the look out for these products next time I’m in the States!

  5. You’re on my blog roll!!

  6. Oooh blondies could be delicious! But the pancakes you made look great as well!

  7. Happy Easter love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Our rings do look the same!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!! Our men have good taste!!!

    I hope you have a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Tasha

    mMm would love to try say cheeze pasta meal! Particularly because I eat gluten free (for digestive reasons) and mac & cheese pastas are so expensive!

  9. Cellabella

    That looks so good! I’d like to try their cookie mix and their pizza crust mix 🙂

  10. Cellabella

    And you’re on my Google Reader 🙂

  11. SW

    I want what you had! But I would also like to try the carrot cake mix.

  12. you are on my google reader

  13. I realllly want to try the waffle and pancake mix, I love breakfast!!

  14. and I tweeted, thanks! 🙂

  15. elaine

    thanks for holding this wonderful giveaway! this brand sounds great! i would love to try their pancake and waffle mix!

  16. What a generous giveaway! 🙂 I would love to try any of their blondie mixes

  17. Your already on my blogroll.

  18. I blogged about it too,

  19. namaste foods has SO many delish products, but i’d love to try their blondie mix 😀

  20. you’re on my blogroll!

  21. and i tweeted 😀 thanks coco!

  22. Lindsey

    I’d like to try their cookie mix!!! yummy

  23. Lindsey

    you’re on my Google Reader….

  24. Brandi

    blondies and cookies? yum!

  25. Brandi

    you’re in my reader!

  26. I have been wanting to try making my own bread for a long time now but I was always deterred by the fact that I don’t own a breadmaker. So, I’d love to try the bread mix!

  27. And you are on my google reader 🙂

  28. I want to try the sugar free trio 🙂

  29. And you’re already on my blogroll!

  30. Ariel

    I’d like to try the chocolate cake mix!

  31. Ariel

    You are on my blog roll. 🙂

  32. Blair

    The toffee vanilla frosting sounds interesting! Would love to try it.

  33. actorsdiet

    the waffle and pancake mix please

  34. Ashlei

    I want to try the Waffle and Pancake Mix! Though all the GF mixes look really good 🙂

  35. Lydia

    Their mixes look so tempting. I’d love to try the blondie mix though. yum

  36. runRedrun

    those pancakes look really light! i’d love to try those.

  37. I would like to try the cookie mix!

  38. ktr

    i really want to try the blondie mix

  39. I loved the pizza but would also like to try the bread mix now!

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