J&J 16 & When you know you’re getting old

When do you know you’re getting old? when your good friends have been in your life for double digits years! 😯 they’ve been in my life for a long time!

Yesterday, a surprise call from an old friend (10 years) reminded me that I’m really getting old. For example, my BFF that lives in Germany, I met her 14 years ago), another good friend in China Ling, I met her 28 years ago, another guy friend in China, I met him in 17 years ago… and I can keep counting. Except for my friends in the program, all others that I keep in touch are from childhood. However, realizing that didn’t make me sad. I feel grateful to have them in my life, even though we don’t live in the same country; we don’t communicate in a daily basis; we probably see each other once a year; but when we met, the magic is still there, as if the clock reverses to the moment when we last catch up. 😀 What makes me wonder is, why it gets more difficult to make real friends when we grow up?


J&J #16 @Eat Clean Cookbook: lettuce wrap


ingredients: lettuce leafs, red pepper, tomato, celery, leek


olive, sesame oil, soy sauce, S+P, 1 tsp of sugar


the original recipe calls for turkey but I used canned tuna instead


this is Tj’s bran, I like that it’s very low in sodium, 70 mg for 1/2 cup.


  • heat olive oil (1/2 tbsp), add celery, leek and tuna and cook for 5 min
  • add chopped bell pepper and tomatoes, cook 2-3 min
  • add 1 tbsp soy sauce, sugar, S+P
  • turn off the heat, add 1/2 tbsp sesame oil


It was DELICIOUS~~~ fresh, crunchy and tasty!

Side dish was stir-fry of broccoli and romaine with this


olive leaves preserves in olive oil



very satisfying meal~~~

and even better, I found a ripe kabocha!!! 😆 Enjoyed the bowl of steamed kabocha in my Pjs. 🙂 I call that a good night~~~


Q: What food you crave during the summer?


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9 responses to “J&J 16 & When you know you’re getting old

  1. The lettuce wraps look delicious! Love that you used tuna!

    I feel like eating more salads and raw foods now that the weather is getting warmer…

    Have a good weekend! 🙂

  2. Those wraps look delicious! Hmmm I always crave fruit in the summer…always!

  3. I know I’m getting old! My oldest friend I’ve known since we were born so that doesn’t count but another of my closest friends I have known for the past 17 years. I just realized how long that was. Crazy!

  4. That’s a good question…why does it feel like it’s harder to make real friends when you get older?

    Your lettuce wraps look great, Coco! I crave tons of fresh fruit in the summer — watermelon, cherries, blueberries, plums, peaches, you name it, I love it all! 🙂

  5. Beautiful lettuce wraps! My tastebuds know no season, really, but I crave smoothies even MORE in the summer time:)

  6. Lovely salad wraps!! I really enjoy big salads in the summer. I think it’s the cool freshness about them that gets me.

    The beginning of this post reminded me that my best friend and I have know each other for 34 years!!! OMG!

  7. I totally agree about friends. Kate is my best friend and we’ve known each other since we were 10!

  8. Your lettuce wraps look great; I’ll have to try those sometime.

    I think it’s harder to make friends when we get older because we are more insecure. Instead of being ourselves, we choose not to get to know people on a deeper level (and subsequently don’t develop intimate relationships).

  9. My stir fry tonight reminded me of you of course 🙂 I have been trying to think of different ways to use canned tuna. I’ve only mixed it up as “tuna salad” before. Your wraps look good though!

    Yay for kabocha! I just bought another one the other day. Do you eat a whole one in one sitting? I did the other day. I couldn’t stop. It was sooo good!

    My fav summer food has to be tropical fruits. And maybe smoothies too 🙂

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